Top 4 Traits of The Ideal Organiser Team Music loves

After being in the team-building industry for 10 years, and tirelessly liaising with hundreds of corporate organizers who are working hard for their team engagements, we at Team Music have found the top 4 broad traits of an organizer who is truly successful in organizing their event and whom we love to work with. Today, we would like to share these traits with you and describe our ideal organizer.

For this blog, let’s have some fun and call our ideal organizer Isabella. She works for the company Phutures, which is a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) in the digital asset space that has a growing presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. She has been tasked to plan the next APAC meeting along with a team engagement activity for 200pax in Singapore at a hotel ballroom at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). The team activity has to be relaxing, with no pressure, yet able to bring to life the corporate values of Phutures, which are:

  • Keep learning 
  • Be quick to communicate
  • Create positive moments each day

Let’s track her journey with us! 


1) Clear

Isabella does a Google search on “teambuilding Singapore” and very soon discovers us, Team Music, here. She checks out our Google reviews and is convinced that we are going to be one of the companies that she is going to work with.

She immediately contacts us via the contact form, giving us full details and expectations as per request. These include budget, date, location, purpose, etc.

Isabella represents her company aptly by stating clearly the corporate values of Phutures. To give us a better understanding of her company and team-building objectives, she gives clear references to official website links and past experiences of how these values ‘played out’ in previous team-building activities, such as perfume making, painting, etc

Within 24 hours, Isabella receives an official proposal quotation from Team Music. Given the weight of this 200pax event, she needs to iron out all the doubts and questions she has on her mind. She jots them down and proceeds to schedule an online meeting to sort the details out with us, with questions such as: 

  1. Is this program suited for beginners? 
  2. I have a few pregnant ladies on my team. Do we have something for them so they don’t feel left out? etc. 

Not only is she decisive about what she and her company’s goals for this event are, but she is now also CLEAR on what to expect for her team-building session with us and what we need of her to make the event a success. Thus, along with the proposals from other vendors, she now presents these options to her boss. 


2) Collaborative 

Isabella has a huge mission of uniting and engaging 200pax in the same room; not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally, and mentally as well. Firstly, has to make this year’s event even better than the one last year because that is what the boss wants. Moreover, the whole APAC team has not met for 3 years, no thanks to the pandemic. Lastly, countless changes to staffing have occurred during the pandemic period. People need a powerful reason to engage. 

Isabella needs a task force, an advanced party of sorts, to tackle all the details of this big event. She forms a team and allocates the venue booking, event day announcement, F&B, program flow, attendance-taking, etc to various team members to get things going.

Despite the immense pressure to keep everything in check, Isabella knows very well that the one thing she cannot fully allocate or control is Team Music’s or any other vendors’ program. She is also not a subject matter expert in music, much less for big groups. She has to have a certain level of trust in Team Music to seriously commit to us as a vendor. 

Eventually, her Boss decides on Team Music’s signature program BANDINC. (He used to be a guitarist in his high school band ^_^) Isabella sends a confirmation email and logistical information such as floorplan and band requirements, ready to collaborate with us to get this gig going. 

Unfortunately, Team Music’s setup process (3 hours) will cut into her planned lunch segment, requiring us to shorten our setup duration. There will also be another segment following Team Music’s program (3 hours, 2 songs) that requires more time. This caused some friction in the planning process as there was a need to readjust the timings, yet still complete the objective of completing 2 songs. Both parties want their requirements met, and at the same time accommodate the other party. After much discussion, Isabella and Team Music compromised on a 2.5-hour setup time and 2.5-hour program time to accommodate subsequent activities.

Knowing that Team Music has 10 years of team-building experience, she is assured that the success of her team’s event is not only plausible but also in good hands. This also allows us to proceed with the essence of our program intact, providing us with the confidence to execute it well. There was a sense of partnership, working together to build the event. She is constantly thinking and facilitating a win-win-win outcome for her team, Team Music, and finally her position as an organizer. Moving forward, she relies much on us for advice on the best song choices, band instrument setup, etc. 


3) Commitment

As the date of the event approaches, the deal needs to be sealed. Isabella deals respectfully with Team Music according to the terms and conditions of the quotation. Confirmation of the event was done with a 50% deposit payment to book instruments, mover, and facilitators. 

Even though the event has been confirmed, there seems to be a drop in the expected headcount for the event over time, a typical symptom of large-scale events. While worrying about the numbers being reduced further, Isabella contemplates calling Team Music’s program off. However, the more she thinks about it, the more she realizes that this move will not only affect her and her team but Team Music as well. There will be a need to re-coordinate efforts and make adjustments to schedules on both ends. She understands that she should only call the event off as a last resort, therefore she pushes on with the plan.

The day arrives, and Isabella executes her event. She is mentally aware of the rough outline of Team Music’s 2.5-hour program, and even though there are some lingering doubts, she gives Team Music full autonomy to work the magic. She does remind Team Music that her corporate values have to be brought to life in the band program, which we wholeheartedly comply with.

As an event-planning company, we face unforeseen circumstances, similar to any other organizer who plans events for their teams. For Isabella, some variables were not under her control. Despite this, she kept to what was agreed to provide a wonderful experience for her team, and we would have done the same for her if we were in her shoes. 

Needless to say, the event was a hit!


4) Change

Isabella has displayed a good level of adaptability throughout her journey thus far. She is open to changes in the planning and execution phases, being able to compromise on timing clashes and finding a solution that is beneficial to both her team and Team Music.

She can adjust her expectations according to what Team Music can offer as well. This is shown through her trust in us to be able to meet the objectives and deliver an unforgettable experience. The autonomy helps both her team and Team Music to co-develop the event together.

During the event itself, issues arise that challenge Isabelle and Team Music. When the morning meetings get delayed, setup time has to be shortened. She prioritizes tackling the issue first, communicating with Team Music, her task force, as well as her boss on a realistic timeline in real time of what to expect. She also coordinates with her team to assist Team Music in setting up. As a result, the setup happens at breakneck speed.

Finally, Team Music’s program starts and ends within the agreed time. It is well-received by all 200pax, her task force, and her boss. 

Here’s a positive moment in action 


In essence, Isabella was resourceful, trusting, and respectful in all her business dealings and communications with her task force, her boss as well as Team Music. This ensured a smooth transition from the start of the planning to the end of the execution. Along the way, Team Music also got to be part of the journey and enjoyed the process as well.

We know that there are many Isabellas out there, and we look forward to working with you very soon ^_^

Comprehensive Guide to Organizing a Large-Scale, Fun Team-Building Activity for your Big Group

What would it look like if 200 people started playing basketball together? Or performing a song together? Is it even possible to pull it off? For the sheer amount of people, you really have to think HUGE for how to plan a team-building activity. Massive tasks require massive thinking and a massive blog post. Today, we will be bringing you an in-depth guide on how you can organize a large-scale event. Let’s go!

Who are my attendees? 

The nature of an event can vary widely depending on the target audience. They set the core purpose of your event, on which the content of the event will be built to drive that purpose home. Below are some of the common types of attendees and the various intentions of companies for organizing an event for them:

Types of attendees


Employees -Increase cohesion between employees 

-Improve communication and collaboration within and between departments/branches

Customers -Establish connections with customers and partners 

-Strengthen relationships between the company and the public

-Build brand awareness

Prospective employees -Showcase the culture and values of the company

-Attract new talent as well as veterans of the industry

-Demonstrate the benefits of working for the company

Industry experts and speakers -Engage experts and speakers to share their knowledge and insights about the industry

-Provide attendees with valuable professional development opportunities

-Learn and grow from new information and different perspectives

Media representatives -Showcase their brand and culture to a wider audience (Local and Global outreach)

-Promote the company and its achievements

Sponsors and vendors -Collaborate and expand the company’s network with sponsors and vendors 

-Create mutually beneficial relationships and promote products and services.


Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events (MICE)

Another way to understand the collective purpose of your attendees is by understanding a huge industry known as Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE).

The term MICE is often used in the tourism and event planning industries to refer to the business of organizing and coordinating events for corporate clients and other organizations.

In our shared experience as an event planner for large groups, we have regularly planned for the following groups: 

  1. Entire school administration team – Principal, Vice-principals, School teachers, Administrators, Support Staff
  2. APAC (Asia-Pacific) Sales team members – Performing as a BIG BAND, celebrating their sales success for the year
  3. MNCs – Celebrating working face-to-face again, having not seen one another for the Covid years 2020-2022
  4. MNCs – Want a loud kickstart to a brand new work year


Why plan for such a BIG event?

Planning a fun large-scale event for your colleagues can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, offering a number of benefits both for the individual organizers and for the company as a whole. The importance of corporate team-building activities cannot be underestimated. Some of the key rewards of organizing a large-scale team event include:

  1. Out of COVID blues: During the COVID lockdown, mass gathering and music (especially singing) was greatly discouraged, even punishable. Now that we are out of COVID, it’s the best time to have a loud celebration.  
  2. Improved team morale: Bringing lots of people together for a fun, enjoyable event can help to build strong bonds, foster a positive working environment, and improve overall team morale.
  3. Enhanced communication: Large-scale events provide an opportunity for people from different departments and teams to interact and collaborate, leading to enhanced communication and better cross-functional working relationships.
  4. Boosted company culture: By providing employees with opportunities to socialize and have fun together, companies can promote a positive company culture and foster a sense of belonging among employees.
  5. Increased productivity: When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to be motivated, engaged, and productive. By organizing fun and enjoyable team-building activities, companies can help to boost employee morale and increase overall productivity.
  6. Stronger company brand: By showcasing the company culture and values through an enjoyable and well-organized event, companies can enhance their brand and reputation, increase visibility, attract new talent, and build stronger relationships with employees, customers, and partners.
  7. Instill ROCK-SOLID Corporate values through play and interaction. Team Music reinforces the 4Cs of Effective Teamwork: 
    1. Clarity of Roles 
    2. Collaboration
    3. Commitment to finish the job
    4. Change management


Overall, the rewards of planning a fun large-scale event for your colleagues are many and can have a lasting impact on both individual employees and the company as a whole. By carefully planning and executing a memorable event, organizations can build stronger teams, foster a positive company culture, and promote a successful and thriving business.


Who do you choose as your official event planner? 

Large-scale team events can be a powerful tool for bringing people together, fostering team building, and promoting company culture. However, they also come with their own unique set of challenges that need to be carefully managed in order to ensure the event is a success. From budget constraints to logistics, coordination, safety and security, attendee expectations, and technical issues, there are many different factors that need to be considered before you choose the right event planner. In this article, we will take a closer look at these challenges and explore some of the ways in which they can be overcome.

Here are some steps to help you choose the best external vendor for your event:

  1. Begin with the end in mind: Determine your event goals. Before you start looking for an organizer, it’s important to understand what you want to achieve from the event. A sample checklist should include:
    • Theme – eg. Rockstars? 
    • Music playlist – No big event runs without the right music 🙂
    • Humor
    • Uniqueness & Quirky ideas
    • Fun interactive engagement. Hack boredom? 
    • Easy to conduct or participate 
    • Takeaways
    • Budget 
  1. Reputation: Start by searching for event organizers who specialize in large-scale events, and read their website, case studies, and testimonials from past clients.
  2. Ask for references: Ask potential organizers for references from past clients, and be sure to reach out to those references to ask about their experiences working with the organizer.
  3. Consider the organizer’s experience: Make sure the organizer you choose has experience planning and executing large scale events. Consider their track record and the types of events they have organized in the past. Watch their sample videos of past events to get a better feel of the whole group event atmosphere. 
  4. Evaluate their communication and project management skills: Look for an organizer who has strong communication and project management skills, as these are critical to ensuring the success of your event.
  5. Consider their team: Consider the size and experience of the organizer’s team, and make sure they have the resources, equipment and expertise needed to plan and execute your event.
  6. Consider your own available budget and the cost: Be sure to discuss budget and cost considerations with potential organizers, and make sure you understand what services and support you will receive for the cost that you pay. 


What are the possible event ideas?

There are many fun team activities for large groups that can bring team members together and help build teamwork and camaraderie. Here are some popular activities for large groups:

  1. Escape room: Teams work together to solve puzzles and find clues to escape from a themed room.
  2. Cooking or baking challenge: Teams work together to create a meal or baked goods using a set of ingredients or recipe
  3. Team building scavenger hunt: Teams compete to complete a series of challenges and find hidden items around a designated area.
  4. Sports tournament: Teams compete against each other in a variety of sports, such as basketball, soccer, or dodgeball.
  5. Game night: Teams compete against each other in a variety of board games or video games.
  6. Trivia Challenge: Teams compete against each other in a trivia contest covering a range of topics.
  7. Talent Showcase: Teams perform skits, songs, or dances for their colleagues. Check out BANDINC (link) 
  8. Art or craft challenge: Teams work together to create a masterpiece using art or craft materials.
  9. Outdoor adventure: Teams participate in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, zip lining, or kayaking.
  10. Volunteer work: Teams participate in volunteer work or community service projects to give back to their local community.
Do any of these activities allow for meaningful break-out teams? 

Breakout groups are small groups of participants who are separated from the larger group to engage in focused discussions or activities. Here are some of the key advantages of using breakout groups in events and meetings:

  1. Increased participation and engagement: Breakout groups allow for smaller and more intimate discussion settings, which can encourage increased participation and engagement from attendees.
  2. Diverse perspectives: By breaking the group into smaller, more diverse subgroups, attendees can hear different perspectives and ideas from a wider range of participants.
  3. Improved collaboration and teamwork: Working in smaller groups can foster better collaboration and teamwork among participants, as they are able to work more closely with each other and build relationships.
  4. Enhanced creativity and problem-solving: In breakout groups, attendees have the opportunity to brainstorm, develop new ideas, and solve problems together in a supportive and creative environment.
  5. More focused discussions: Breaking the group into smaller subgroups allows for more focused discussions on specific topics or issues, which can lead to more meaningful and productive outcomes.
  6. Opportunity for hands-on learning: Breakout groups can also provide opportunities for hands-on learning, where attendees can put new knowledge or skills into practice in a supportive environment.
  7. Better understanding of different perspectives: Breaking the group into smaller subgroups can help attendees better understand the perspectives and opinions of others, which can lead to more effective communication and collaboration in the future.

By incorporating breakout groups into events and meetings, organizers can create a more dynamic and engaging experience for attendees, while also improving collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity.

With our main program, BANDINC, we separate the roles of a 100pax BAND this way: 

100pax Band Setup :

  • 9 Drummers
  • 18 Percussionists
  • 4 Bassists
  • 4 Guitarists
  • 41 Ukulelists
  • 9 Keyboardists
  • 15 Singers

Just be extra careful. Choosing the large group activity may have several negative effects, including:

  1. Overshoot Budget: One of the biggest apprehensions for event organizers is managing the budget for the event. Ensuring that all expenses are accounted for and that the event is delivered within the set budget can be a major concern.
  2. Attendee engagement: Ensuring that attendees are engaged and involved in the event is a top priority for event organizers. Failing to keep attendees interested and active can result in a lack of success for the event.
  3. Technical difficulties: Technology is a key component of many corporate events, and technical difficulties can be a major source of apprehension for event organizers. Ensuring that all technology, including audio-visual equipment, lighting, and sound, is in good working order and that there are backup plans in place in case of technical issues is important.
  4. Logistics: Coordinating the logistics of a corporate event, including transportation, accommodations, and venue arrangements, can be a major concern for event organizers. Ensuring that all logistics are in place and that attendees have a seamless experience can be challenging.
  5. Safety and security: Ensuring the safety and security of attendees, staff, and equipment is a top priority for event organizers. Anticipating and preparing for potential security risks and having contingency plans in place are important.
  6. Timing and scheduling: Ensuring that the event runs on schedule and that all activities and presentations are delivered as planned is a major apprehension for event organizers. Having a solid schedule in place and contingency plans for unexpected changes is important.
  7. Unforeseen events: Unexpected events, such as weather conditions, equipment failures, or speaker cancellations, can be a source of apprehension for event organizers. Being prepared for such events and having contingency plans in place can help mitigate these risks.

Overall, event organizers need to have a well-planned strategy in place and be prepared to tackle any challenges that may arise during the event. Proper planning, attention to detail, and contingency planning can help ensure the success of the event and reduce apprehensions.


Where is the best country for this group gathering?   

Here is a list of the top 23 MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events) locations in the world:

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. Singapore
  3. Orlando, Florida
  4. Paris, France
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  6. Barcelona, Spain
  7. Berlin, Germany
  8. Dubai, UAE
  9. Tokyo, Japan
  10. Sydney, Australia
  11. Hong Kong
  12. Bangkok, Thailand
  13. Munich, Germany
  14. Seoul, South Korea
  15. Taipei, Taiwan
  16. Shanghai, China
  17. Vienna, Austria
  18. New York, New York
  19. Madrid, Spain
  20. Miami, Florida
  21. London, UK
  22. San Francisco, California
  23. Copenhagen, Denmark

When choosing the right country for a large-scale event, it is important to consider the following factors:

  1. Accessibility: The country should have good air and ground transport links, making it easy for attendees to travel to and from the event.
  2. Infrastructure: The country should have modern and well-equipped convention centers, hotels, and other facilities to accommodate large-scale events.
  3. Cost: The cost of hosting the event in the country, including the cost of venues, accommodations, and other expenses, should be reasonable and within budget.
  4. Cultural fit: The country’s culture should align with the objectives and values of the event and its attendees.
  5. Political stability: The country should be politically stable, ensuring the safety and security of attendees.
  6. Local support: The country should have a supportive local community that is willing to help make the event a success.
  7. Language: The country should have a widely spoken language that is easily understood by the majority of attendees.
  8. Climate: The country’s climate should be suitable for the time of year the event is being held, ensuring that attendees are comfortable.
  9. Legal requirements: The country should have favorable legal requirements for hosting large-scale events, including visas, work permits, and other regulations.
  10. Diverse offerings: The country should have diverse cultural and entertainment offerings that will appeal to the attendees, enhancing their overall experience.

When evaluating the suitability of a venue for a large event, there are several factors to consider to ensure the venue is a good fit for your needs. Here are some steps to help you evaluate the suitability of a venue for your large event:


Where is the best event venue?

  1. Determine your event needs: Before you start evaluating venues, it’s important to understand your specific event needs, including the number of attendees, the type of event, and any specific requirements you may have.
  2. Location and accessibility: Consider the location of the venue, and make sure it’s easily accessible for your attendees. Also, consider the availability of public parking, complimentary parking, and public transportation options. The event venue manager should be ready to provide a floor plan of the stage and floor area.
    • At Team Music, we mark out the positionings of our music and sound equipment on the floor plan given.
  3. Space and capacity: Make sure the venue has enough space to accommodate your event, including the number of attendees and any additional requirements, such as a stage, dance floor, or vendor booths.
  4. Amenities: Consider the amenities offered by the venue, such as restrooms, Wi-Fi, audio-visual equipment, and lighting. Make sure the venue has the necessary amenities to meet your needs.
  5. Safety and security: Evaluate the safety and security measures in place at the venue, including fire exits, emergency lighting, and first-aid facilities.
  6. Food and beverage options: If your event will include meals or snacks, consider the food and beverage options offered by the venue, and make sure they meet your needs and budget.
  7. Technical support: If your event will include audio-visual or technical equipment, consider the technical support offered by the venue, and make sure they have the necessary equipment and expertise to meet your needs. Technology is an integral part of modern events, but it can also be a source of problems. Technical issues such as power outages, audio-visual failures, or connectivity problems can disrupt an event and negatively impact the attendee experience. Have a check with your event planner to recce the event hall along with the in-house technicians or operator. 
  8. Cost: Consider the cost of the venue, and make sure it fits within your budget. Be sure to consider all associated costs, such as parking, food and beverage, and technical support. A detailed discussion with your event planner even over Zoom if time doesn’t allow face-to-face meetup, would be helpful for both parties before a formal program proposal and quotation is served to you. 


When is the best time to do this? 

Large-scale team meetings are normally arranged at various times throughout the year, depending on the specific goals and needs of the organization. Some common times for arranging large-scale team meetings include:

  1. Annually: Many organizations arrange an annual large-scale team meeting to bring employees together for team building, training, and other activities.
  2. Seasonally: Some organizations may arrange large-scale team meetings at specific times throughout the year, such as during the summer or the holiday season, to celebrate achievements and reinforce company culture.
  3. When there is a need for change or reorganization: Large-scale team meetings may also be arranged when there is a need for significant change or reorganization within the organization, such as a merger or acquisition, to provide employees with important updates and information.
  4. To launch new products or initiatives: Organizations may arrange large-scale team meetings to launch new products or initiatives, providing an opportunity for employees to learn about and get involved in new projects.
  5. To recognize achievements: Large-scale team meetings may also be arranged to recognize the achievements of employees and teams, and to provide opportunities for celebration and recognition.


Full-day or Half-day event?

Deciding whether to host a full-day or half-day event can be challenging and depends on several factors. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when making this decision:

  1. Purpose of the event: The purpose of the event is a crucial factor to consider when deciding on the length of the event. If the event is focused on learning or training, a full-day event may be more appropriate to provide enough time for in-depth content and discussion. On the other hand, if the event is focused on networking or an awards ceremony, a half-day event may be sufficient.
  2. Attendee schedules: Consider the schedules of the attendees when deciding on the length of the event. If attendees are busy professionals with limited time, a half-day event may be more appealing. However, if attendees are on vacation or have a more flexible schedule, a full-day event may be a better option.
  3. Budget constraints: The budget is another important factor to consider when deciding on the length of the event. Full-day events typically require more resources, including catering, venue rental, and entertainment, which can increase the cost of the event.
  4. Location: The location of the event can also impact the decision of whether to host a full-day or half-day event. If the event is being held in a remote location, attendees may appreciate a full-day event that allows them to take advantage of their time in the area. On the other hand, if the event is being held in a busy city, attendees may prefer a half-day event that allows them to explore the city in their free time.
  5. Energy levels: The energy levels of the attendees and the content of the event can also impact the decision of whether to host a full-day or half-day event. If the event involves intensive activities or requires a high level of focus and energy, a half-day event may be more appropriate.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to host a full-day or half-day event should be based on the specific needs and goals of the event, as well as the schedules, budgets, and preferences of the attendees. It may be helpful to gather feedback from attendees and stakeholders to determine the best option for your event.


How do we ensure this big event runs smoothly? 

  1. Trust your event organizer: They have probably conducted this event many times, especially since they have a reputation for specializing in a certain unique form of team-building event for large groups.
    • At Team Music, we strongly recommend our clients choose from our tried and tested BANDINC song lists. They are guaranteed to work. We can’t vouch for the new songs that perhaps your bosses might want. There is a high risk it may not work, depending on the complexity of the song.
  2. Assemble an organizing committee: Clear roles and responsibilities have to be specified for each team member
  3. Attendee registration and check-in: Event management systems such as Cvent can help streamline the registration process, reducing wait times and improving the overall check-in experience for attendees.
  4. Event scheduling and planning: AI algorithms can help event organizers schedule and plan the various activities, ensuring the most efficient use of resources and minimizing any scheduling conflicts. Here at Team Music, we primarily start adding organizers and representatives 1-2 weeks before a large-scale event, to our Google calendar and/or Whatsapp group chat to clearly state the entire event expectations and flow. 
  5. Personalized recommendations: AI-powered systems can analyze attendee data to provide personalized recommendations for activities, speakers, and networking opportunities.
  6. Event analytics: AI-powered tools can help event organizers analyze attendee data, such as event attendance, demographics, and engagement levels, to better understand their audience and improve future events.
  7. Virtual and hybrid events: AI can be used to power virtual and hybrid events, allowing attendees to interact with each other and with event content in real time. AI-powered tools can also help event organizers manage virtual attendees, such as moderating chat rooms and answering attendee questions.
  8. Event marketing and promotion: AI can help event organizers reach their target audience by analyzing data and providing insights on the best channels to promote their event.


Everyone happy at the end

Despite these challenges, organizing a large-scale team event can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling HIGH experience. By being well-prepared, having clear goals, and working with a team of dedicated professionals, it is possible to overcome these challenges and create an event that is memorable, enjoyable, and successful for EVERYONE! 

The reward and satisfaction of a large-scale event organizer can be quite substantial and can come from a variety of sources. Some of the most common rewards and sources of satisfaction for event organizers include:

  1. Successful execution: The biggest reward for an event organizer is the successful execution of the event. When all the planning and hard work come together, and the event runs smoothly, it can be a huge source of satisfaction and pride for the organizer.
  2. Positive feedback: Receiving positive feedback from attendees, clients, and other stakeholders can be a significant source of satisfaction for event organizers. Knowing that people enjoyed the event, appreciated the effort put in, and had a good time can be incredibly rewarding.
  3. Financial compensation: Many event organizers work as freelancers or run their own businesses, so financial compensation is a key reward. Receiving payment for their services, especially when it reflects the value they bring to the event, can be a major source of satisfaction.
  4. Building a network: Large-scale events can be great opportunities for event organizers to network and make new connections. Building relationships with clients, vendors, attendees, and other stakeholders can provide long-lasting rewards and help advance the organizer’s career.
  5. Making a difference: For some event organizers, the satisfaction of making a difference in their communities is a key reward. Organizing events that raise awareness, bring people together, or have a positive impact on society can be a source of deep satisfaction and fulfillment.


Please contact us here so we can serve you better on your large-scale event with Team Music. We wish you all MASSIVE SUCCESS as you embark on this brave adventure with your MASSIVE team event. 


Corporate Family Day Celebration- Explore some unique Ideas

Planning to organize an exciting corporate family day celebration event to make your employees have fun and collaborate with each other? Think something innovative to undertake a fun-filled and engaging event. Due to hectic schedule, your employees may feel monotonous to work. It is something that affects the performance of the employees. Hence, proper motivation is necessary to make them get united again and work as a team. Music-oriented Corporate family day celebration activities are effective as well as it facilitates good communication among the employees. It is an indoor activity which needs a soundproof place to conduct the event. To make the event more interesting, you can list down different activities.

Ideas for corporate family day celebration activities

Team building and team bonding are necessary to make a healthy work culture. Let’s come to the next part of this blog to get some unique ideas for corporate family day celebration:

  • Musical event for great fun, amusement and entertainment – Without the loud rhythm of music, no one can imagine a rocking environment. Playing a musical instrument, and singing songs enhance creativity among the employees. Instead of arranging simple game events, it will make you experience the active participation of your employees. However, proper setup is necessary to conduct the whole event successfully. For music team building activities in Singapore, you can get in touch with Team Music.

  Corporate family day celebration  

  • Dinner and Dance – Dancing with the beats of music are not only entertaining but also it encourages your employees to interact and communicate with each other. Corporate dinner is also a unique idea if you want to make a strong bonding between the employees and the management authority. It will inspire them to work as a family.


  • Movie Watching: Organizing a day out for a movie is trending nowadays where you could be able spend some quality time as well as enjoy the movie (if the movie is an enjoyable one)

Corporate family day celebration-Movie Watching  

  • Outdoor games: You could also organize a outdoor game session where you could play some games and also make a bonding with each other. It is not only good for mental health but also the physical activity allows you to feel energetic.

corporate family day celebration- Outdoor games  

  • Disco Yoga: It might be a new term for you. However, you can try it out.


  • Investigation Game: You could arrange a crime scene (game purpose) where you can help your colleagues to find out the criminal and solve the case as well.


  • Treasure Hunt: One of the most popular games which is also a fun activity, could help you understand your teammates properly.

Treasure hunt

  • Cooking Competition: You can have fun while cooking and also you can enjoy the food latter.


  • Plan a Picnic: Organize a picnic at a good destination and enjoy the time and peace. It will help in reducing the stress and can be a getaway from the monotonous daily schedule.

Picnic Planning

  • Card Game: This game will be a great fun where you can earn some money from your colleagues (for fun).

Card Game

  • A Chess Board: Good for Mental Health and makes you have fun.

Chess Board Game

  • Theme Dancing Party: While everyone loves to dance and party, you can organize it. Arrange it in a pub or a hotel and ask them to attend the party with a theme costume.


  • Hill station Visit: Explore the beauties of nature and enjoy the peace and happiness with a trip with your colleagues. It will leave a positive impact and inspire you to work together.


  • A Football game: Arrange a playground, make teams and then organize tournament. Everyone will have a good time.


  • Bonfire in Jungle: Having Dinner and Bonfire will help your team bonding.


  • Plan a Fundraising Events: Involve your team to organize a charity picnic or ball.

  So, why are you still waiting for? Let’s have a grand corporate family day celebration event with Team Music. They can customize the whole event for an engaging corporate events.    

Team Building Activities – A proven way to create an ultra-efficient workforce

Team Building Activities – A proven way to create an ultra-efficient workforce

Team Building Activities: 

Team Building Activities


A famous proverb says, “Unity is Strength”. In a workplace, unity and a positive environment play an important role in motivating the employees and this can be executed by team building activities. Healthy work culture is necessary for enhancing the productivity of the employees and as a result, the company will earn more profit. In a negative work environment, the employees are likely busier in revealing petty issues than to concentrate on their work.

If you are concerned about the growth and success of your organization, then you must try to maintain a positive work ambiance and strong Team Building. Different types of team building activities can be arranged including indoor activities and outdoor activities. Music is one of the best indoor team building activities that can make a whole ambiance full of fun and frolic. Here’s a list of reasons why organizing team building activities are necessary for corporate culture. Importance of team building activities

  1. It provides a good opportunity to know each other –

Each employee comes from a different background and culture. They may speak in different languages. But proper communication and interaction are necessary among the employees to make the workplace turn into a friendly ambiance where everyone can work freely. If the employees become friends, they can help each other which will end up with better productivity.

  1. It inspires innovative ideas –

For dealing with complicated situations, there should be a proper strategy. If there is unity among the employees, they can think together and, in this way, great ideas and innovative solutions will come to the fore. Therefore, strong team bonding is essential for which team building activities are arranged nowadays. By arranging musical events, you can cheer up all your employees and make them feel energetic again to perform best.

  1. To improve productivity

A healthy work culture encourages the employees to make a better performance. The employees can work as if it is their passion and they can give their best effort. Stress-free, peaceful, and friendly workplace also makes the employees work in a relaxed mood and as a result, productivity gets enhanced. Naturally, it creates a huge output.

  1. To develop the problem-solving skills –

When the co-workers work together, they can discuss the problem to find out a proper solution. It improves their skills to think logically, and strategically. In a Team Building activities that are based on musical performance, encourages the employees to perform as a team. In this way, they can get to know the significance of teamwork to deal with the difficult situations. So, motivate your team members, and establish a positive corporate culture with team building activities.

Explore the significance of Team Building Activities with music


Team building activities have become quite popular nowadays as it encourages collaboration. In a workplace, strong bonding and friendship both are necessary as it helps in quality work. In most of the corporate companies, team building activities are conducted as a ‘nice break’ from the hectic schedule. However, for motivating your employees, you should think about some innovative team building activities. Organizing games as an activity is nothing but a common idea.

Let’s think out of the box! Music team building activities are a wonderful and pleasant way out to build a team in a creative way. Music has a power in it that cannot be expressed through words or any gesture. With rhythm and music, it is easy to attract someone’s attention and without making too much struggle, you can tear down the barriers among your employees.

Is music team building activities effective?


Orchestra is a perfect word that can be used as a metaphor for a company. In an orchestra, every instrument has its own significance. If only one instrument stops playing, you will feel a strong absence of something. In an organization also, all the employees should work in collaboration for the growth of the business. Internal conflict and lack of unity effect on the productivity of the employees. Not only that but also proper communication is necessary between the employees and the members of management.

Music team building activities help all the co-workers learning to align, listen to each other’s words and act together.   One of the most interesting facts is that for music-based team building activities, no artistic excellence is required. It is only for fun and entertainment. The focus is to motivate all the employees to perform together and get rid of the stress, boredom, and depression. Let’s cheer up all your employees with music team building activities and turn your work environment into a healthy workplace. Team building activities have become quite popular nowadays

Importance of Motivating your employees with Musical team building activities


It is a proven fact that music is one of the best relaxing antidotes to monotony, sadness, anger, and depression. Music is used as a therapy nowadays. In team building activities, music is used to create an ambiance full of fun and entertainment. If you are thinking to conduct a corporate event with some unique activities, music can be an innovative idea.

The corporate team bonding activities using music has become popular nowadays. Musical events are more entertaining than other indoor activities. It makes all the employees perform together and get entertained. Now, let’s move on to the adjacent passages of this blog to know why music is used for team building activities.

Why music is regarded as a good option for team bonding?

No one is there who does not want to get enjoyed. Music is such a form of art that refreshes the mood and makes a person feel stress-free again. Also, there are a lot of reasons to use music for team building activities in Singapore.

  • Musical activities are more engaging – Music can turn a dull ambiance into a fun-filled one. It creates a festive mood so that no one stops themselves to feel entertained. It takes you to a world where stress, depression, and monotony do not exist.


  • Musical performance is also teamwork – In music-based team building activities, proper collaboration is necessary among all the team members. Hence, it makes the co-workers get involved, perform together and get a grand enjoyment together.


  • Your dream will come true – You might have a dream to sing like a professional singer. Also, you might have a hobby of playing musical instruments. Music-based team building activities allow the employees to fulfill their dream and make them create a memorable moment.


  • The co-workers will forget about conflicts– Music Team Building activities make the employees show their creativity and think something innovative. It gives them a way to think together and execute everything successfully.

Birthday Party Ideas in Singapore For Kids, Teenagers, Seniors and For Anniversaries. 


Birthday Party Ideas

A birthday signifies the anniversary of the birth of a person, and there can be nothing more joyous than holding a celebration on this occasion. So here we will be explaining birthday party ideas acoording to the situation, age and affordability. 

For kids, a birthday party can be a great boost to their self-esteem, while teenagers on the other hand look forward to having a party that expresses their maturity and budding individuality. So executing the birthday party ideas in their special day will make them feel special and happy.

Birthdays are also a great way to celebrate the lives of the adults in our lives, bringing families together to create memories that would be long-lasting in the minds of our loved ones.

And for companies, an anniversary signifies an important milestone in their journey towards continual progress.

For momentous occasions like these, having the right game-plan will play an important role in determining the eventual success of the birthday party, making the person being celebrated have an unforgettable special day!

Now, there are various birthday party ideas in Singapore for all the above-mentioned groups; let us take a closer look at all the planning considerations of available options and birthday party packages in greater detail.

Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Making your boy or girl feel like a prince, princess or rock star on their birthday is one of the best and most lasting gifts you can give them. But where and how should you start?

  • Theme

It is always comfortable to start with a theme around which you can plan your invitations, birthday party decor, food catering, and also event space for the birthday party.

Themes give life to parties, and as such should be thoughtfully decided upon

Both you and your child (or toddler!) will enjoy making plans for themes that reflect their interests – be it sports, art and craft, a mermaid or minecraft theme, or even a lego-based theme.

Think about the right music choices to play in the background – the right types of tunes will enliven the party, setting the scene and keeping the overall energy positive.

  • Guest list and Invitations

You should make the guest list for your child, but once they reach the age of four, it goes without saying that they should be consulted.

Invitations can either be bought off-the-shelf from the store, or be handmade. They can set the mood for the event, and older kids may enjoy making invitations out of paper-dolls, origami or even off a computer-based template.

Each invitation should not only include the required details such as time, date and directions, but also special instructions such as ‘bring a swimsuit’ or ‘parents to accompany children’.


  • Decoration

Once you have decided on a theme, be sure to prepare appropriate birthday party accessories and decoration accordingly, which could be things like balloons, banners, or a giant backdrop.

The aesthetic choices to be made here also depend on whether your child is 1, 3, 6 or 12 years old, as kids will invariably grow to love different things as they age.

  • Food and Venue Options

You can also decide on the food options, and depending on your choice of venue, whether to have it catered by the venue itself – for example, if you chose to have your birthday party at common children’s birthday party restaurants such as  Ben and Jerry’s, Pizza Hut, Marche, Jollibee or even McDonald’s, one thing to consider is that you have the option of having them cater food for your celebration.

A question you need to answer is also whether the party is going to be a halal party – this would involve both food and beverage choices for your event.

  • Entertainment   

Be sure to include entertainment that would fit your chosen theme – this could range from having magicians on the day to art jamming activities.

Also decide on photography and videography services that you would like to have to document your kid’s special day.

It should go without saying that kids are full of energy and are always looking to have a good time – have a list of activities for them to be engaged in throughout the event, and also schedule appropriate rest times for them to have refreshments and food.

  • Organiser Help

Make sure to not go at this alone – everything will be much easier if you have help! Get a spouse, relative, neighbour, babysitter or friends to assist with activities as well as in the setting up and cleaning up. This will be especially important if you are entertaining young guests whose parents will be dropping them off.

  • Control Expenses

You do not need to spend a lot of money to have a successful party. Remember, this party is for your child and their friends – not their parents. Save the fireworks display for your next adult gala. Kids just want to play, so there should be no obligation to send them home with goody bags full of expensive toys.

  • Dealing with Siblings

Even though it is the child’s big day – make sure not to ignore their siblings (if any). Allow the sibling to invite one special friend, and let them help out with the party – most kids never want to miss out on the action at home!

  • Expect the Unexpected

This is typically the hardest thing to plan for at any children’s party, so here are some tips to keep chaos at bay:

  1. Be prepared for meltdowns – have adult helpers on hand to take care of a distraught kid while celebrations continue.
  2. Stock up on basic first-aid supplies.
  3. Be sure to know of any food allergies or relevant medical conditions of the children that will be at the party, especially if the parents are dropping them off and will not be around.
  4. If you have pets, it will be good to separate them from the guests. Some children are allergic to or afraid of even the most gentle of animals.

Rock-band Themed Birthday Party for Kids!

With all that mentioned, an option you should definitely explore for your child’s birthday party after considering all the possible birthday party ideas, is one offered by Team Music called ‘Rock-Band Themed Birthday Party!’.


In the package specially planned for children, the party will take on a rock-music setting, from the venue decor, to the background music, down to the choice of outfits for the event. Team Music can also provide cakes, snacks and balloons, and suggest and provide appropriate outfits for the celebration!

Children will learn how to play a simple song on instruments such as electric guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals, and be able to play together as a band under the guidance of Team Music’s experienced instructors.

It will be an invaluable experience for them, to learn what it takes to play as a band through complete songs, and gain soft-skills such as listening skills and teamwork all while having fun and enjoying the process of learning something new!

If you are looking to spice up your child’s next birthday celebration, definitely look up this option to help you in your journey to make their birthday an unforgettable one.

Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

When your child turns double-digits, planning a birthday party can definitely become more challenging. Guest-lists might be in flux now due to politics of such an age range, and they would want a party that highlights their personality and sense of self-expression.

With that being said, here’s a mini-planner to help you along in your quest to have the best birthday party yet for your teenager!

  • Teenager’s Wants

What does your teen want? Answering this question would lend clarity towards the planning and eventual execution of the party, as it would inform your choices from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Another thing to consider – is this an age for your child that is considered a milestone? For example, a birthday that commemorates their sweet 16th, would be different from one where they are turning 21, and all the social-gravity that age brings. Questions like these will inform your choice of theme, the tone of the party, the guest-list, down to the food and music for the party.

It may very well be that he or she wishes to have a party at Wild Wild Wet, and have a day filled with water play. Or perhaps to bring back memories of childhood, they would like to play indoor laser tag, head to a KidZania, or play arcade games at a Timezone arcade. They may even wish to have their birthday on a yacht out at sea!

Consider their wants and align them with your budget to set yourself on the right path towards making this day a special one for your teenager.

  • Party Size

Consider the max capacity that you would like to host for the celebration. This would help you decide on whether you can host it at home, or start looking at the various locations in Singapore, and possibly renting such event spaces to hold the birthday party.

Another option to explore is whether to hold it indoors, or outdoors. This ultimately depends on whether your teenager is a fan of outdoor activities, or more a fan of quieter, intimate activities.

  • Party Location/Venue

Decide on the best location for your teenager’s birthday party – depending on factors such as the number of guests invited, the chosen theme and planned activities for the day, and even proximity and ease of access for your teenager and his or her friends.

Consider the various birthday party venue rentals and possibly holding the celebration there – in fact, if for example the venue of the choice was the Singapore Zoo, you could engage their help in planning the activities and games for your teenager’s birthday, from going on a guided tour to taking part in a treasure hunt.

  • Timing

Decide on a timing that would be conducive and maximise the full attendance of guests for the party. Choose a night-time event if you know your teenager likes night-games and campfire activities – this would also lend itself to a sleepover once the party is over, which depending on their age, could very well be the icing on the cake for a memorable birthday for your teenager!

A birthday event timed during the day would also be another option, which could eventually culminate in a feast-like atmosphere at dinner-time after a days worth of fun-filled activity.

  • Party Theme

Choose a birthday party theme – these range from combat skirmish type themes (definitely for the boys!) to mani-pedi parties which will always make your teenage girl and her friends happy!

Be sure to keep in mind classics like the sleepover and slumber party. Since the kids are now all older, a big plus is not having to deal with separation anxiety that could be an issue if they were younger.

Other options include scavenger hunts that could now have bigger boundaries attached to them – this is great for your teenager to get accustomed to getting to new places on their own.

  • Entertainment

As kids turn into teenagers, they will definitely start having well-established tastes in music and fashion and design. While keeping the chosen theme in mind, hone in on these aspects of your teenager’s personality in deciding on the appropriate entertainment to have at the celebration.

This would range from choosing the right kind of music to play, to having appropriate party decor to even perhaps choosing a fun and relevant movie for guests to watch.

  • Gift-policy

Establish the gift-policy early on, perhaps on the invitation card itself or upon guests arrival.

For example, simple statements such as ‘please bring a gift and leave it at the door upon arrival’ would help make this aspect of the birthday party efficient, with the mentioning of an established time at which the birthday boy or girl will be opening all the presents.

  • Friends and Family

This one is an important question – will you be having a friends-only party or one that is a combination of both friends and family?

Certain criteria to consider in answering this question would be the expected number of your teenager’s friends attending the party versus the venue capacity, as well as the appropriateness of activity in relation to the average age of guests.

It could very well be that you would have two parties – one solely for your teenager’s friends and another one for the family to get together.

  • General Rules

Establishing basic guidelines and rules would help ensure the celebration runs smoothly with as few hiccups as possible, and also allow you to moderate a level of courtesy and discipline amongst all guests (especially your teenager’s friends) as the day progresses.

This could refer to certain things being mentioned on the initial invite such as ‘no alcohol’, ‘no smoking’, and ‘no curse words’. Establish a contact list and known list of your guests’ allergies and medical conditions for emergency as well, to ensure the overall safety of the event, and most importantly, your peace of mind.

Rock-band Themed Birthday Party for Teenagers!

An option to consider for your budding adult, is a Rock-band Themed Birthday Party offered by Team Music!

Allow Team Music to organise the birthday party for you, and enjoy a day filled with fun and joyous music-filled activities. Your teenager and their friends, and perhaps even the adults, will be learning music instruments (including vocals) and be able to play through pre-selected songs of your choosing, regardless of their musical background and experience! This will be done through the guidance of Team Music’s experienced facilitators, who will be there to help every step of the way.

This would be a great learning experience for your teenager and their guests, from the aspect of learning soft-skills involved in playing together as a band such as listening skills, commitment to the cause of playing well, as well as developing confidence in themselves through persistence, all while having loads of fun in picking up something new!

Birthday cakes, snacks and appropriate decor will be provided, together with genre-appropriate outfit suggestions as an overall dress theme for the event. Team Music will work together with you, your budget, and your needs and wants to ensure the success of the event!

The entire package can be customised to your needs and wants – if you are on the hunt for unique birthday party ideas that are different from everything else out there, definitely look this package up.

Birthday Party Ideas for Seniors

Seniors should be celebrated for their longevity and so much more, but all too often birthday celebrations for such a person turn into events that place the older individual in the backseat. Here are some definite ways to celebrate a loved one’s 50th, 60th, or even 80th birthday in ways that will definitely lift their spirits!

  • Senior’s Wants

The goal is to celebrate this day together with your loved one, doing whatever they want in a day designed solely for them.

Work with caregivers and family to select the best activities for the occasion, and in the initial planning stages, consult the senior themselves if they wish to partake in any particular activity on their special day.

Brainstorm around their likes and dislikes, and come prepared on the day itself with a list of possible activities that would fill your beloved senior’s heart with joy.

  • Theme

Birthday themes for seniors need not be boring affairs – like any party, a theme gives it life.

In this case, we need to take into careful consideration the physical needs of the elderly. Some good themes to explore would be something like ‘Good Old Times’, a way of evoking feel-good memories of the past through perhaps displaying treasured photos as decor for the birthday celebration, and planning an old-school dress code for guests.

Setting the tone this way will definitely be a big help in making your senior feel appreciated, as well as make their guests feel excited to be in attendance at this party!

  • Guest list

The success of any party will always depend on the guests who attend. Carefully draw up a list of people that would ensure your beloved senior’s excellent company for the day.

Do not just think of who to invite, but also their mode of transport for the day. Seniors with mobility issues may have trouble getting to your birthday party venue of choice, and keep in mind that some will have caregivers that will have to be in attendance as well.

A potential solution is to engage transport services for the day, with wheelchair-accessible fleets in particular being a great option.

  • Keep It Simple

More than anyone, seniors appreciate the simple things in life, and probably do not need a glitzy luxurious party or a thousand balloons to feel appreciated.

Keep things as simple and as elegant as possible, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Try your best to not cloud this special occasion with extraneous activity and events. Simple things like bouquets of their favourite flowers, a birthday cake in their favourite flavor, and seeing their favourite people all in the same space, will probably be more than enough to put a big smile on their face!

  • Location and Limitations

This relates to the question of mobility – does your senior have physical limitations? Keep this in mind as you choose potential venues to host the event, with the goal of convenience and accessibility being important factors to your decision.

Additionally, check ahead for weather conditions and have a wet-weather plan in the case of having an outdoor birthday celebration.

You should also consider if hearing impairment is prevalent amongst either the senior’s guests or even the senior themselves; if so, you may want to skip traditional speeches and opt for a more personal, intimate setting where guests are able to have one-on-one conversations with your guest of honor!

  • Gift Ideas

Guests will typically ask ahead of time the question – ‘what should I bring as a gift?’.

Make sure to think beforehand, of any difficulties the celebrant may face with gifts. Are there certain types of gifts that they may be unable to use, due to some kind of limitation? If so, it is best that guests know this prior to the birthday celebration.

Gift cards are often a great idea. Note your senior’s favourite restaurants, and places to visit, and perhaps purchase a gift card for them from such venues.

Seniors also typically donate to charities and are fond of a few in particular, so knowing such details would mean you could open up donations to the floor during the event to the celebrant’s favourite charities, which is bound to bring joy to your beloved senior!

  • Music Choices

Birthday parties are affairs meant to engage the people in attendance in conversation and fun times. The background music for a birthday celebration can really set the tone, so be sure to have a playlist on the ready full of tunes that will keep the party’s energy going and make the mood positive.

Consult with your elderly loved-one too, on their favourite tunes to ensure they get to safely bust a move to their favourite songs!

  • Delegate

If you are the primary caregiver for your senior, you may want to engage the help of someone else to host the party. Consider hosting the party at a family member or a friend’s place, as this would free up your time and energy, which you could then use to ensure your beloved senior’s comfort by attending to them throughout the day.

You know your senior best in terms of what they like and who they would like to attend their birthday party – so it would be wise to use this information in delegating various roles to your family members, keeping everyone involved in the running of this special day!

Rock-band Themed Birthday Party for Seniors!

If you have a birthday celebration coming up for a senior who loves music, look into the Rock-band Themed Birthday Party for Seniors offered by Team Music!

In this fully-customisable program, both the celebrant and their guests will be taking on roles as instrumentalists and singers for a few pre-selected songs, learning how to both play the songs individually and as a band. With a varied song repertoire, Team Music will work with you in choosing the best possible songs for the event!

Allow your senior and loved one the opportunity to play their favourite tunes, perhaps for the first time ever, with guidance from Team Music’s team of experienced facilitators!

The party will have delectable birthday cakes, appropriate decor and even outfit selection provided by Team Music, all in line with a music-themed party. Tunes will be selected in accordance to your needs as well – just imagine how great it would be to have a playlist full of songs that your senior loves, playing throughout the party!

This bespoke party is fully customisable to you and your senior’s needs and wants – definitely look into this if you are looking for unique birthday celebration ideas to show your senior how much you appreciate them!

Birthday and Anniversaries

Everywhere you look these days, there seems to be a form of measure of life: from the use of biometric technology in exercise regimes, to the steady stream of statistics published each week.

We impose a kind of order on the passage of time, culminating in time becoming a measure of change.

Landmarks in time, such as birthdays and anniversaries of companies, can then be seen as a division between a past self and the present self who has the future in reach. This helps reinforce goal-pursuing behaviours; as such, birthdays and anniversaries are important times and excellent opportunities for both individuals and companies alike to celebrate past successes as well as envision and plan for the future.

With that in mind, here are some guidelines to help you plan and ensure the success of company anniversary celebrations!

  • Round up the Troops

Company success stories typically come about as a result of collaboration and buy-in among employees and departments, ensuring everyone is on the same page with regards to company direction, methods and outcomes. It should not come as a surprise that the same is true when it comes to planning anniversary celebrations!

Get your staff excited by having them actively participate in the planning and execution – this will go a long way towards ensuring the campaign runs smoothly.

  • Planning

Once you get everyone on board, the planning stages for your anniversary celebrations can begin.

Ask yourself a few questions – how long will the celebration last? Will there be events and mini-celebrations in anticipation of the actual date? Will your focus be on a social-media driven campaign, or will it be a quietly anticipated affair leading up to the big day?

Deciding on your timeline is important, as anniversary campaigns involve many components – so make sure to start planning ahead to ensure the pieces are in place well before the actual date of the anniversary.

  • Know Your Story

Behind all the things that your company does, there is your branding story. Anniversaries are probably the best time to revisit, hone and disseminate this story on a company-wide level.

Think of any significant birthday milestones that you’ve personally celebrated or were responsible in planning for the celebration of, and how a common thread in each was that every one of those were made particularly touching by the telling of stories about the person being celebrated.

The same is true of your company – your story of origin, the evolution and the characters driving said evolution are compelling components of your business. Articulating this will help inform the tone and theme of your celebratory campaign, so be sure to do this beforehand.

  • Make A Splash

How are you planning to mark this important occasion? Here are a few ideas!

1.Get It Published

An anniversary is an excellent time to think about publishing your company’s history, weaving it into a tantalising narrative, complete with a beautiful layout and design. A physical book will act as a tangible commemoration of the business to date.

2. Throw a Party

Gather your colleagues and clients, and treat them to a night of celebration! Plan for a party that’s either held at a spacious hotel function room, or explore other options such as booking the USS or Singapore Flyer exclusively for a day (or night) of fun with your company.

Remember to brand your invitations with your anniversary campaign – from the tagline to the logo, and so on.

3. Give Back

Choose to donate or match donations from clients and employees, to a charity of your choice. This is one of the most altruistic ways to celebrate an anniversary and is a very respectable choice to make, especially if your company has a purpose-driven perspective.

  • Have it Permeate Everything

Whether you’re planning to publish a book, a limited edition product, or even a specialised website for the big day – make sure to have it permeate everything you do.

Include your taglines and links in your email signatures, print special postcards, update your social media image, and get it on your letterhead. As you go about running your business from day to day, find ways to promote your impending milestone.

An option to explore is to also pitch it to the media, which includes trade magazines and websites. This is especially so if you have compelling and easily digestible facts about the company, such as infographics, fun facts or even your company timeline. Mainstream media may pick up on this as well, if you have a very endearing personal story to tell about the company.

  • Celebrate

While there are business objectives for planning a company anniversary do not lose sight of the traditional goal of having celebrations, which is to celebrate!

Take this moment to revel in the success of the company, and take stock of what has happened so far in its existence. Acknowledge everyone who has contributed to its success, and embrace both the present and future.

  • Post-event Planning

As the celebrations come to a close, this will be a good time to start planning ahead, and thinking about the chapters that have yet to be written in the company’s history.

Take this opportunity to think big; over the course of planning for this anniversary you have dissected and and reflected on your company’s history, and now have increased clarity behind the reasons for your company’s success.

This is a great time to map out strategically, the path to take for the next five years. The next big anniversary will come in no time!

Rock-band Themed Birthday Party for Company Anniversaries!

If you are looking for unique ways to hold your company’s anniversary celebration, it would do you good to consider Team Music’s Rock-band Themed Birthday Party for Company Anniversaries!

This highly-customisable program includes all aspects of party-planning for your company, from the decor, the outfit theme, down to the design of the invites! Cakes and snacks will be provided as well.

The main event during the party will be where you and you guests don instrumentalist hats, which include the drums, guitar and bass, keyboards and vocals, and consequently start learning two pre-selected songs!

Of course, this will be done under the guidance of Team Music’s experienced instructors, so be confident in the fact that by the end of it, you will be playing through two complete songs as a giant band!

This is a great activity, to have everyone in attendance be in synchronicity in terms of listening, working together and having confidence in execution, all while having great fun in learning something new and creating collective memories as a group.

Team Music will work with you every step of the way, to ensure your anniversary celebration runs smoothly and will be one to remember for your employees and clients alike!

 Team Music Rock-band Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Most birthday parties would have tunes being played in the background – why not take it a step further and have music be the theme of your celebration?

If you’re knee-deep in birthday party planning and seemingly running out of ideas to make your next celebration a joyous and exciting one, a good option to consider would be Team Music’s Rock-band Themed Birthday Party.

In this fully-customisable music-based programme, you will be presented with options ranging from the choice of cake, the type of decor, the dress code, down to even the invitation card template! This ensures that all your needs and wants are met, letting the event be a memorable one for the person being celebrated and all your guests.

The main highlight of engaging Team Music as your birthday party organiser is the band activity, where everyone at the party will pick up various musical instruments (from bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, and vocals) to learn pre-selected songs under the guidance of Team Music’s experienced facilitators!

These songs are decided beforehand, with prior consultation done with you to ensure the selection aligns with the theme of your celebration. Popular song choices include Jay Chou’s ‘An Jing’, Guang Liang’s ‘Tong Hua’, A-mei’s ‘Ting Hai’, Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’ and Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’.

At the end of the learning journey, everyone involved will be playing through these songs as a giant band, with a video being professionally taken to document the day’s events!

Team Music will also help you with choosing the right venue for your celebration – it could be an outdoor birthday party, or even one held at Botanical Gardens, employing their function room for the day’s activities.

Every aspect of the celebration, from food to the dress theme, will be handled by Team Music with absolute consultation with you to ensure the success of the event. This two-way communication will be important, especially because different types of birthday parties call for varying approaches to the design of the celebration – for example, celebrations commemorating milestones such as a 16th or 21st birthday would take on a different tone as compared to a senior’s birthday, or a company’s anniversary!

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The Benefits of Humour at Workplace

The Benefits of Humour at Workplace


 “Humour is the possibility of particular cognitive experiences to incite laughter and provide amusement.” – Wikipedia

Good humour, according to Grenville Kleiser, is a tonic for the mind and body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keeps friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment.

Humour can be a strong and useful tool to get ahead in the workplace. However, when used incorrectly, humour can be perceived wrongly and cause damage. So, it is an important topic of study for proper understanding of leadership and communication in a working environment.


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As someone who uses a lot of humour, I am interested in what makes for an effective joke in various settings and what undermines my efforts. So, I found this research on how humour relates to status and competence really fascinating.

A good joke can go beyond simply increasing one’s capital, of course. Humour is one of the highest forms of human communication. It can serve to increase intimacy, show compassion and understanding, break tension, make the unspeakable speakable and generally bring people together in a way nothing else would with amusement.

Bitterly, Schweitzer and Brooks in their research paper “Risky Business: When Humour Increases and Decreases Status” which was published in 2017, created and explored experiments which examine the positive and negative impact of humor in business environments.


After the experiments, they were able to see how much of an impact, both successful and unsuccessful attempts at humour have on social capital. They sought to answer the following questions:


Hypothesis 1: The use of humour increases perceptions of confidence.

Hypothesis 2: The successful use of humour increases perceptions of competence.

Hypothesis 3: The successful use of humour increases status.

Hypothesis 4a: Perceptions of confidence mediate the relationship between the use of humour and status.

Hypothesis 4b: Perceptions of competence mediate the relationship between the use of humour and status.

Hypothesis 5: Appropriateness of the humour attempt will moderate the relationship between humour and competence.

Hypothesis 6: Laughter will moderate the relationship between humour and competence.

Here’s what was deduced: Firstly, when someone tells a joke and it works (it is funny and appropriate), the joke teller is seen as having higher confidence, competence and status. In addition, people like these are more likely to be considered for leadership positions. The overall positive effect of humour in the workplace would be strong if people laughed at the joke. After all, Strean (2009), pointed out that laughter makes us feel good and it is great for overall health.

Furthermore, the effect of successful humour on status was so strong that even recalling a time when co-worker told a funny joke or did something funny increased the perceived status of that co-worker.

However, humour is risky. When jokes work, it’s great for our social capital – however, when they flop, it’s bad. The researchers found that telling an inappropriate joke leads to lower perceived competence and decrease in status. However, making an inappropriate joke still leads to higher perceived confidence, even with lower status. And if the inappropriate joke makes people laugh, the damage done becomes minimal.

There are many ways humour can be effective with human beings:



Humour gets people to listen: Regular use of appropriate humour makes people more eager to read and hear what you have to say. Humour increases persuasion. Humour can aid convincing especially when messages are being passed across to people with different opinion to the speaker’s because the humour diverts their attention from immediately creating counter arguments, as they don’t feel like the message is being crammed down their throats.

Humour aids in learning: The use of humour as an academic tool has been proven to ease classroom anxiety, create a more encouraging atmosphere, as well as aid the learning process. Humour increases the likability of the speaker. A proper use of humour will ensure a favorable approach towards the speaker.



Humour heightens the sense of shared happiness: Humor releases endorphins, the “feel-good” chemicals in our body, that makes us feel a natural high while being with one another. 

 Humour reduces status differentials: Humour can help in the reduction of the social distance between employer and employees. Fun team building or group activities are a great way to get colleagues to socialise and have great laughs together.

Humour diffuses conflict: Humour has long been seen as the great equalizer, a way to facilitate conversation and bridge differences. Actually, humour has been identified as a key factor in peacebuilding and international mediation.

Humour builds trust: Humour could bring about social benefits which include bringing about togetherness, reduction of status differentials, conflict diffusion, team and trust building among diverse groups.


Problem Solving

Humour enhances overall brainpower: A dose of humour sets-free the chemical serotonin in human brain, aids focus, enhance objectivity and improves overall brain ability.

Humour improves decision-making: Positive moods bring about more flexible decision-making and wider search behavior and greater analytic precision.

Humour increases the probability of new ideas being accepted: Unconventional interactions can reduce the barrier for people to posit novel things.

Humour triggers new connections: Humour arouses the exact hemisphere of the brain, which subsequently sets off divergent, creative thinking which allows individuals to see broader applications, novel connections, and otherwise elusive relationships.

Humour enhances ability to solve problems: Studies have proved that merely seeing comedy films can improve creative problem solving skills. Corporate teambuilding activities are great ways to encourage natural humour and problem-solving between teammates.




Humor provides motivation: The use of humour in organizations has been aligned with improving morale among workers, creating a lively and positive organizational culture and in the process increasing motivation.

Humour reduces absenteeism: Humour tends to enhance work performance, satisfaction, team solidity, health, effectiveness, as well as minimized burnout and work withdrawal.

Humour aids employee engagement: Managers who lead with reasonable amount of humour benefit from higher levels of employee engagement and success all round.

Humour improves productivity: In one study of more than 2,500 employees, 81 percent agreed to the fact that working in a fun environment would enhance their productivity.





Humour enhances perceived leadership skills: Leaders, who lead with humour, especially in stressful or perceived one-down positions are seen as being on top of things, being in charge and in control, whether they are in fact or not.

Humour open up opportunities: Research has shown that, managers, who showcases good sense of humour are considered for more opportunities in organizations than those without a sense of humour.

Humour builds credibility: Humour users are seen as more credible and more competent.

Humour increases profit: Organization humour has been proven to go hand in hand with successful leadership, increase in profit and work compliance, a successful business culture, message and goal clarity in managerial presentations, improvement in group problem-solving, and with reduced emotional stress due to threats and role conflict at work.


There you have it! All the above are a couple of benefits of humour at work. The little time you put aside for humour may be what you need to cool off the steam and increase office productivity.


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