Corporate Team Building & Team Bonding Activities in Singapore.

At Team Music, we give teams new meaningful ways to engage with another. We provide music-oriented as well as fun, highly engaging company team building and team bonding activities, games and ideas for 10-350pax in Singapore. No musical experience needed at all. That’s why our tagline reads “The Miracle of Teamwork!” Read Testimonials and FAQ

Browse through our list of team building programs below to choose the ideal corporate team building event for your organization work today! Half day or full day group activities for adults, youths and kids, we make corporate events in Singapore and Asia worth remembering!

Team Music programs are a great fit to formal workplan or townhall meetings. Each program is designed with customised corporate lesson objectives, such as Clarity of Role, Collaboration, Commitment to finish the job and much more.




Build up your team through music.

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10 – 350 pax •  Collaborative / Competitive

The Ultimate Corporate Band Team Building Experience



10 – 150 pax •  Collaborative Performance

 The Absolutely Cheerful Music Program



10-50 pax •  Collaborative Performance

The Ultimate Drumming Team Building Experience



10-200 pax •  Collaborative, Competitive

The Ultimate Music Video Corporate Team  Bonding Program

I have attended various team building events before and this is one of the best so far. The level of participation, energy and fun was high, and everyone enjoyed themselves. We were pleasantly surprised that we can produce a song with majority of us not having any musical background. The crew were highly professional throughout the event.

Sean from Lego

My colleagues and I had a blast as it was truly a fun-filled, unique experience for everyone. More importantly, they managed to link it back to the theme we were going for too at the end of the day and that was an eye-opener for many.Highly recommended as it is a fruitful, unique experience for all!

Plus, we get to rock out too 😉

Thanks Team Music!

Sadie-Jane from SIM

“A big thank you to Team Music for facilitating a fun-filled session of music making with our ONE Changi participants! We set Team Music the challenge of teaching our participants a band version of our corporate song, and Team Music certainly delivered. Your facilitators were energetic, professional and patient. All of us were impressed that we could perform the song so well eventually, even without any prior music experience. It was a powerful session which bonded our participants together, and instilled a greater sense of teamwork among us. We received much positive feedback from our participants as they thoroughly enjoyed the session. Wonderful experience, will strongly recommend.”

Renee Gan, Assistant Manager l Quality Service Management l Airport Operations Division

TEAM MUSIC ROCKS!! Hong Kah Sec engaged Team Music to help us run our annual staff retreat and we were not disappointed. Planning for a retreat for 100 staff is never easy. There is a need to engage, excite and enthuse all staff whose age range from as young as 24 years old up to those who are older than 60 years old. Team Music made it seem easy though. All of my staff were excited to learn and pick up new skills at playing various musical instruments. The wonderful thing is that they were able to learn to play 2 new musical instruments and even performed as a school 2 songs all within half a day. I was most impressed with the capable, talented and patient team members who guided and coached all of my staff where most of them have hardly any musical background at all. If you are looking for a professional team that can help you run a retreat or a team bonding activity, Team Music is one team that you can trust to deliver that. One week since our retreat and my staff continue to talk about the fun time they had and sing high praises about Team Music. I am certainly looking forward to find new ways to engage Team Music and work with my school again in the future.

Fadzly Samsuri, Subject Head (School Staff Developer) cum Staff Well Being Advisor,
Hong Kah Secondary School

This was one of the best team building activity I & my team had ever had (and we have joined many other activities before). Before trying the activity, we were worried that it might not be very fun as all of us don't know anything about music - not even the songs' names. But it turned out to be a lot of fun as everyone was so excited when they first played the drums, the guitars, the keyboards etc. And thanks to Daniel's friendliness and easy-to-get instructions, we all can form a band and had lots of fun with the activity. Definitely I will recommend this activity to anyone I know who is looking for a fun thing to do in Singapore. It's a must try!

Minh Châu Lê Nguyễn from Procter & Gamble International

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