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One-Of-A-Kind Corporate Team-Building With MUSIC


Learn to jam it out as one big Rock Band!


Fill the room with the beautiful sounds of a Ukulele Ensemble!


Drum your hearts out to Brazilian rhythms!

Corporate Team-Building Company in Singapore

TEAM MUSIC® is a music-oriented Corporate Team-Building Company in Singapore that specializes in conducting Team-Bonding and Team-Building activities using the power of music. Our company is great choice to engage your teams and develop their Team Spirit by going through our music programs and ideas.

We are confident that the activities that we provide can result in the increase in productivity and efficiency of Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or a Multinational Corporations. We have the capacity and means to accommodate to group sizes of up to 350pax in Singapore.

With TEAM MUSIC®, you have the option to customize some of the best music Team-Bonding and Team-Building activities to suit pretty much any site and attraction that Singapore has to offer, such as hotels, function rooms, event spaces, and many more.

We aim to deliver the best experience to you at your preferred time, logistics and budget. Our programs are a great fit for formal settings such as work-plan seminars, townhall meetings, product launch, etc, as well as more casual settings such as Cohort-Wide post-exam activities for school students. We offer Half-Day and Full-Day group activities that are perfect for adults, youths, and kids.

Each program is intricately designed with our corporate lesson objectives in mind, such as Clarity of Role, Collaboration, Commitment to finish the job and much more.

Visit our website and browse through our list of Team-Building and Team-Bonding programs in Singapore today! We would love to assist you with many different themes and styles of activities that work brilliantly in Singapore.

Our professionals working at TEAM MUSIC® has delivered countless successful events for clients in Singapore. We would love to be YOUR coach and offer you skill-development solutions that range from fun music, leadership development, and so much more!

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