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This program is a socially inclusive, power-packed program, designed on the premise that everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) can contribute to the music of a band, regardless of musical background.

All levels of your leadership and staff are eligible for this activity. No musical experience is required. Seriously.


Learn to play 2 songs together as a Rock Band!

Everyone will pick up a new instrument by the end of the session and explore basic music concepts such as rhythm and chords.


We can accommodate 5-300pax!

From small teams to the whole division, everyone can be engaged. We at Team Music have done events for a variety of group sizes and we can surely personalize one for you.


The standard duration is 3 hours!

BUT, we are very flexible and will do our best to tailor our program to your needs. 2-Hour, Half-Day, Full-Day etc. We’ve got you covered!


Perfect as an Indoor Activity!

Our events can be held in our studio at *SCAPE, off-site at event venues that we frequently use, or even in-house at your company’s building. Do take note that our events tend to get really really loud!


Value for money!

Prices are dependent on the Event Venue, Sound and Equipment Rental, Facilitator Fees and additional add-ons if requested


Music as a healer!

Our events are always conducted with the safety of our clients and members in mind. Safe for pregnant ladies and even injured in a cast!

Check us out!

Learning and Cohesion

This programs’ purpose is to break the ice between colleagues and connect company staff between hierachical levels. Since everyone is placed on the same playing field, there will be an increased empathy between everyone in the company.

Participants will also learn the building blocks of teamwork, such as having Clarity of their individual roles, Collaborating with team mates, Committing towards a goal and the role, as well as learning to Change Management.

At the end of the session, the team would have overcome a challenging task together and emerge stronger as a whole, thereby boosting morale and confidence as a team.


Why BAND INC. with us?

Team Music is made up of a cohesive team of well-trained and engaging Lead Facilitators and Multi-Instrument Facilitators who have led multiple BANDINC events successfully.

BANDINC is a registered trademark of Team Music. We have fine-tuned this program with 10,000+ participants from 300+ companies. The success of this one program has led to us entering the TOP 10 Team-Building Companies in Singapore for 2016 & 2017 by Human Resources Online Magazine.

Participants have raved many 5-star ratings on Google Reviews and shared positive experiences through their Testimonials.

What are you waiting for? Let's start Jamming!