This program is a fun-filled music workshop program that entails learning to play the Ukulele individually and as a Ukulele Ensemble.

Learning a new instrument is something that everyone can experience, regardless of their musical background. Playing as an ensemble, on the other hand, requires a little bit more fine-tuning and trust.

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Learn to play 2 songs as a Ukulele Ensemble!

Everyone will be able to play the Ukulele by the end of the session by learning basic chord shapes and strumming patterns. Everyone will be strumming to one united beat to create a beautiful sound.

We can accommodate 10-150pax!

From small teams to the whole division, everyone will be able to learn how to play the Ukulele. The bigger the group, the grander the sound!

Typically 1.5-3 hours!

BUT, we are very flexible and will do our best to tailor our program to your needs. 2-Hour, Full-Day, Half-Day etc. We have got you covered!

Perfect Indoor Activity!

Our events can be held in our studio at Converge Studios, off-site at event venues that we frequently use, or even in-house at your company’s building. Many venues have been immersed the wondrous sounds of numerous corporate Ukulele Ensembles.

Value For Money!

Prices are dependent on the Event Venue, Sound and Equipment Rental, Facilitator Fees and additional add-ons if requested.

Music As A Healer!

Our events are always conducted with the safety of our clients and members in mind. Safe for pregnant ladies and even injured in a cast! Just take good care of our precious Ukuleles 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

“I don’t think my colleagues are musical at all. Do we need any musical experience?”

No musical experience is needed at all for this activity. This has worked well for everyone, regardless of whether they are total beginners, not-so-good musicians, or good musicians. This program has been running for about 700 sessions. Every group emerged a successful BANDINC, regardless of everyone’s individual or combined musical background or experience.

“Can you guarantee that everyone in my team will have fun and be engaged?”

100%. There will be no boredom. Everyone will find this program engaging and will not be bored at any point in time. In fact, you might the crazy side of your colleagues you never knew. Please read our breakthrough web testimonials here by our clients. They gave us 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook as well.

Learning and Cohesion

This programs’ purpose is to increase camaradierie between colleagues and clients. Through the process of learning a new instrument, there will be moments where fellow colleagues require assistance and extra guidance. This is where the connections and bonds are nurtured.

It also increases one’s ability to pick up a new skill through learning a new musical instrument.

Participants will learn the building blocks of teamwork, such as having Clarity of their individual roles, Collaborating with team mates, Committing towards a goal and their role, as well as learning to anticipate and overcome Change

At the end of the session, the team would be able to enjoy a fun and relaxing experience together.

Why UKULELEINC. with us?

The Ukulele is the easiest instrument to pick up and learn when you are pressed for time. We have a tried-and-tested formula that will definitely inject a sense of accomplishment and joy throughout the session.