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SAMBA INC. is an energy-filled, fast-paced program that is sure to keep you grooving to the rhythms of Brazil by fusing drum patterns with songs that draw inspiration from Samba music.

Everyone will be built from the ground up, learning simple rhythms, yet when everyone works together, the intricacies of the patterns will merge into one big sound!


Learn to play as a Samba Bateria!

Start from learning the one pattern that rules all of Samba music, then how different instruments fit into the context of the music. Lastly, emerge as one united band of drummers and percussionists!


We can accommodate 10-30pax!

As a Samba Bateria, close-knit groups work well in bringing a tight and powerful drumming experience. Even small groups can deliver a big sound!


The standard duration is 3 hours!

The program will be filled with many aspects of drumming, such as learning the Samba rhythm, individual instruments, and the song that is the final goal of the session.


Perfect as an Indoor Activity!

This program can be held in our studio at *SCAPE, off-site at event venues that we frequently use, or even in-house at your company’s building. Just make sure that your neighbors are comfortable with the impactful sounds that you will be making.


Value for money!

This program is more affordable when starting to explore Music Team-Building activities. Prices are dependent on the Event Venue, Sound and Equipment Rental, Facilitator Fees and additional add-ons if requested.


Music as a healer!

Our events are always conducted with the safety of our clients and members in mind. We will do our best to provide a safe learning experience and still have everyone included in the fun!

Learning and Cohesion

This programs’ purpose is to increase camaradierie between colleagues and clients. Through playing to the same beat and weaving rhythms together, participants will definitely feel a sense of togetherness when the whole group is in sync.

Participants will learn the importance of having Clarity when building a percussive ensemble, Collaborating with each other through intertwining rhythms, Committing to playing as one sound, as well as learning to trust each other through times of Change

From making loud calls to swinging their sticks with determination, everyone will be captured in the energy that is created through playing as a Samba Ensemble.



Fusing traditional Bazillian rhythms with modern music, SAMBA INC. aims to deliver a robust and vibrant atmosphere that will (literally) take your breath away. For those who are finding an activity that is suitable to hone your rhythmic chops, SAMBA INC. is a great way to express one’s inner creativity through performing intricate rhythms and patterns on percussive instruments.

With a newly revamped program structure, groups find that learning to play as a bateria is achieveable when broken down into simple and easy to understand concepts. Throughout the session, participants will be built up to become proficient in not just playing their own instrument, but also to play as one united group.



What are you waiting for? Let's start Drumming!