Music Enrichment For Students and Staff!

School isn’t just about lessons and academics, but a place where students experience the greatest growth as people and teachers greatly impact the students’ development. Inculcate a sense of teamwork by incorporating a real-world scenario into their holistic learning for students and staff alike!


  • Cohort Level Music Program
  • Cohort-Wide Post-Exam Activity
  • Creative Workshop

Fight boredom by bringing music and dance to your students! We can cater to entire cohorts or even the entire school itself. Be it playing an instrument, singing, or dancing, Team Music can turn the school into a creative playground for the students to frolic in. Challenge the creative process and even discover potential student leaders through our programs.


  • Staff Bonding Day
  • School Assembly Performance
  • MOE Cluster Team-Building
  • Staff Dinner and Retreat

As educators, Team Music strongly believes that we have to keep learning and growing to be able to do it for others. With us, you will strengthen your understanding of teamwork and eventually pass that knowledge on to your students in school

At the same time, teachers and staff need a break too! Unwind from a busy school year with some music of your own. Engage your teachers and staff with a fun activity while learning a new skill. We can even help you to prepare a performance to WOW your students when the new school term starts!

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