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The success of your corporate team building highly depends on the venue where it will be situated. If you fail to pick a good one, it is high likely that something will go wrong with your event. Imagine getting stressed out with scenarios like: Venue is unexpectedly too small to hold your participants. Or venue turns out to be incapable of providing you the equipment you need. Today, we will discuss the things that you should consider when looking for a corporate events venue in Singapore.

How do you find the perfect team building venue?

  • Cost – Some venues will take up a huge chunk of your team building budget, but there are also some wherein you need not spend a lot yet still provide a good quality venue. So you need to know — how much is your budget for this event? You can also consider looking at all-in packages that offer both venue and program management. These offers can save you money and time spent on planning.
  • Number of guests – How many members of the team are participating in the event? Less than 10? Or more than a hundred? This determines the capacity of venue you are looking for.
  • Location – Would you have any problem bringing your employees out of town? Or do you want to just do it at a nearby venue? Taking into consideration where your team is coming from can minimise possible logistic issues. Deciding on the location can also help you filter out your venue options.
  • Theme – You may already have a theme in mind, so make sure that your venue is suited to your activities. If you are doing a scavenger hunt, then you will be needing an open venue. If you are doing a more reserved type of team building, then an indoor venue may do.
  • Facilities – Take into account the available facilities as well. Do you need a pool area for your activities? Or multiple rooms for your breakout sessions? For example, us here in Team Music are particularly offering music-themed programs so we make sure that all our venue offerings are packed with musical equipment needed to carry out our corporate team building activities.
  • Availability – The last but not the least, ensure that the venue is available on your target schedule. If it’s not, are you willing to adjust the date of your team building?

These are just a few tips on finding the perfect venue for your corporate events. If you need further help on setting up a unique team building, go and check us out here at Team Music. We offer a selection of venues for corporate events in Singapore as well as out-of-the-box music-themed team bonding programs for organisations like you.

Some clients we’ve worked with are Google, Singapore Tourism Board, Zalora, Cisco Inc., and Changi Airport.