Team Music, a unique music school in Singapore, specializing in customised "Play What You Love" music lessons for kids, youths, adults, senior citizens.


Learn to play Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Ukulele, Vocal Lessons at SCAPE, Central Orchard, Singapore






Great foundational yet fun drum lessons for total beginners. Through our 'creative logic' coaching method, we promise you will coordinate your 2 hands and 2 legs musically in 4 to 8 weeks. Learn to play drums by feel, the natural way. It's more common sense, than art :) 
Here lies The Keyboard, also hailed as the King of all instruments. Presenting, great foundational yet fun keyboard lessons for total beginners. Learn the interesting link between rhythm, bass, harmony and melody on one instrument. Wow! Play the songs that you always love to sing or play. 

The guitar is simply a great portable, heartfelt companion everywhere we go. Great foundational yet fun guitar lessons to give you the confidence to play skillfully. We correct the 5 common mistakes all beginner guitarists make. We impart to you the 5 most powerful and common rhythms on guitar. Get strumming and singing!
Well, it's all about the bass! because you play and the crowd will move it, move it. From learning standpoint, we say this is the easiest musical instrument to start with. You only need to guard that one note for each chord, but boy is that an influential note!  Learn the top 5 bass rhythmic grooves. Jam confidently with a drummer! 
The ukulele has the most lively personality of all the instruments we teach. For those of us who find pressing guitar strings painful, this might be it. Enjoy the sweet, uplifting, therapeutic sounds of the ukulele. Truly a great comforter and companion as well. Great for young kids picking up their first stringed instrument. 
Maybe you didn't know that singing was really meant to be as easy as breathing. Well it is. Your voice is made unique. Without strain, without competition, and a series of tried-tested warmups and harmony exercises, it is possible to set yourself up for one of the most important things - YOUR VOICE!  


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