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Ice Breakers

Meetings are essential for any team to facilitate organisation and productivity. Ideally, every member of your team should be engaged and contributing great ideas to the table. Unfortunately, most meetings don’t work out that way. They can be often seen as a drag and leave some of your teammates unfocused and less engaged with one another.

Well, meetings don’t have to be dull and boring! A brief and fun icebreaker game to kickstart your usual meeting session is an excellent way to fuel things up and get everyone energised and inspired.

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Power up your team with these 5 dynamic and fun icebreaker games!

1. Would You Rather


Have everyone sit in a circle and take turns to ask each person a completely random and fun “Would you rather…” question. Take inspiration from the following examples:

  • Would you rather skydive or bungee jump?
  • Would you rather take a holiday in New York or Italy?
  • Would you rather have the ability to teleport or fly?

2. Get Candylicious

What better way to fuel up your team than to indulge on some sweets? Fill a bowl with M&Ms or Skittles, and pass it around your team. Here’s the catch! Each colour corresponds to a question. Once the bowl has made round in the circle, ask each member one by one to answer the following:

  • Red: What is your favourite TV show?
  • Orange: What is your favourite outdoor activity?
  • Blue: What is your favourite song at the moment?
  • Green: What is your current guilty pleasure?
  • Brown: What was the last concert you have been to?
  • Yellow: Why do you love to be part of this organisation?

3. Get to know everyone betterOne of the simplest and most effective icebreaker games is to simply learn more about one another through a series of questions. These questions should be lighthearted and fun enough to garner a few laughs within the group. These questions can be:

  • If you are reincarnated, what or who would you like to come back as?
  • What’s your biggest goal for this year?
  • If you could spend a day as an invisible being, what will you do?
  • What is your favourite movie and why?

4. Animal Noises This is a simple and fun game that will definitely get the team giggling! Each person will be given a name of an animal on a piece of paper. Going on a circle, they must imitate the animal they were assigned to by making the corresponding animal noises and movements. The rest of the team have to guess which animal they are portraying.

5. Guess whoEach person will share two things no one at work knows by writing them down on a slip of paper. It can be a quirky trait, interesting job history, and what not—the quirkier and crazier the facts, the better! Jumble the paper slips and make sure everyone gets two of it. Everyone will then take turns to read their picks out while the rest of the team figure out who the respective owners are.

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Having an icebreaker game during the start of a meeting is a terrific way to build a more relaxed and open atmosphere. It is also a great way to foster strong relationships among your team. Take note of this: a team that works well together is more effective, productive, and a lot more fun to work with!