How often do you spot a naysayer when the topic of corporate team building activities come around? Rolling eyes are what you usually see and “It’s just a waste of time!” is what you often hear them say. There will always be at least one person in the group who doesn’t feel like team building is a good idea. The worst part is, they like influencing their colleagues with their pessimistic views.


Don’t let them derail your team building plans. Take note of these tips that can help you prevent these kind of reactions from happening.

Be clear with your objectives

Your employee’s time is valuable. So make them believe that this is worth spending their time.When you pop the news to your team, accompany it with an objective of why you are requiring them to do this. Whether it is to foster bond within the organisation or to help them gain new skills, be clear with it and make sure the message comes across correctly.

Steer away from the typical 

One of the top reasons why some people are irked with the thought of team building is the repetitive activities. How many times have you been using the same games over and over again? Make an effort to diversify your program. Search for unique team building activities that will truly reinvigorate your team. A good example of this is our programs here at Team Music. Who would have thought that creating a band and doing a music video can actually be an effective corporate team building activity?

Change the setting

It’s not exactly an exciting thing to know that your team building will be held within the exact same office that you go to every single working day. This will definitely demotivate your people about the upcoming activities. Consider situating your team building in a different venue to pump up everyone. Spending time outside your workplace can also help disconnect you employees from their tasks for a short while and focus on the program.

Raise the stake

Give your employees a reason to be all hyped up. Make them want to win, finish the activity, or whatever conclusion you have planned for your program. A simple token or recognition can really come a long way to building your team’s enthusiasm in your upcoming team building.

Your team building can either be a source of excitement or feed the pessimistic in your employees. Ensure the later doesn’t happen by being preventive. Level up your corporate team building activities with some out-of-the box programs that can be found here in Singapore. For music-themed ones, check out our packages here at Team Music.