Top 7 Teambuilding Activities for Youth in Singapore

Planning team bonding in Singapore for youth? It does not matter where you are planning team bonding activities for. All you need to know is one big keyword: ENERGY. Teambuilding activities are important in helping to develop meaningful relationships among youth. Youth are always looking for FUN, and that element of fun makes for a much more effective bonding environment as compared to a classroom setting – especially for those who are shy. Teambuilding activities are also a great opportunity for youth to show their creativity and leadership skills, while building other important values such as confidence and communication skills. Here some great choices around town when it comes to teambuilding activities for youth.

1. Group Video Games

Gone are the days when video games were just an antisocial solo activity for nerds. These days, there’s a of myriad video games designed to involve REAL human interaction and teamwork. With the advance of motion technology in gaming like the Xbox 360 Kinect, Playstation Move and Nintendo Wii, video games no longer involve just your fingers as well. Dance along to your favourite songs, swing your rackets in a game of virtual tennis, or cook up a storm with your friends while having great laughs and learning how to work together. Popular venues for such activities in Singapore include Play Nation and St Games Cafe.


2. Trampoline Park (Bounce)

Keeping those two feet on the ground just ain’t enough? Bursting with enough youthful energy to literally lift off the ground? A trip to the trampoline park might be just the thing. If this sounds new to you, check out some of the players on the market including AMPED and BOUNCEinc to get a better idea. Simply put, imagine an entire playing area with trampolines where the floor should be. The fun increases with all kinds of variations such as angled trampolines, fixtures of various shapes and sizes which you can use to do backflips and other stunts, and facilities for trampoline sports. Bouncy basketball anyone?


3. Rock Climbing

For those who have a little more dare and grit, rock climbing could be a great activity for building not only physical fitness, but also confidence and mutual trust. Everyone takes turns to be the climber or belayer (the one on the ground pulling the rope and making sure you don’t fall), creating a great environment for practising teamwork and developing synergy. The experience can also be used to teach important values to youth, such as the importance of individual hard work as well as mutual trust and teamwork in order to scale the heights of success.


4. Crime Case

You’d probably think Escape Rooms would be next on this list. That’s one activity which hardly needs any introduction these days. What you might not have come across, though, is a somewhat similar but less widespread (or, as we like to say in local lingo, “same same but different”) activity called Crime Case. Just imagine CSI with your friends – only without all the real blood and gore. Fans of CSI would relish having their favourite drama series come to life! Picture your team trying to solve a high-profile murder case, or tracking down the offender of a business fraud, or collecting sufficient evidence to apprehend the mastermind behind a ring group. The engagement and excitement level of such a teambuilding activity is just right for teeny boppers, especially if your group comprises some of the “brainy ones”.


5. Unconventional Team Sports

Yes, what better way to foster team dynamics in your youth group with, well, team sports! They’re high in energy, revolve around a common goal, and have been tried and tested through the centuries as ways to build teamwork. Why reinvent the wheel, right? Well… perhaps adding some extra oomph to that same wheel every now and then doesn’t hurt! The captain’s ball or football might get boring for the regular group of youth these days, and, after all, they could easily play it on their own apart from your special teambuilding day. Enter unconventional team sports! There’s a myriad of such new team sports these days and it would all of us good to arm ourselves with a knowledge of them.

But just to name one that we came across recently: Quidditch! It’s a sport that came (flying) out from the fantasy world of Harry Potter, where wizards and witches play it by flying around on broomsticks. The adapted human version, however, is far more down-to-earth (no pun intended), while still maintaining the fantastic element of the game, without losing out on its competitive edge. Players run around (instead of flying, obviously) with broomsticks in between their legs. Teams are divided into 4 roles. Keepers, Chasers, Beaters and Seekers. Chasers try to score points by tossing a ball known as the Quaffle through hoops. Keepers, well, are the goalkeepers and try to prevent the Chasers from scoring. Beaters are the antagonists in the game, and their job is to “knock out” opponents with balls known as Bludgers. The job of Seekers is to run around and try to catch a comical lone ranger in the game known as the Golden Snitch. As you can imagine, it’s a game that would really get the excitement going among youth, without getting too serious! After all, how can you be serious with a broomstick between your legs?



The connection between youth and music comes naturally and needs little explanation. Youth are always savvy about the latest hits, be it on YouTube, Spotify, or chiming in spontaneously when a song comes on in a mall – with an unmissable passion and gleam in their eyes. This why there are two teambuilding activities offered by Team Music which youth will love! The first is MTVINC, where, teams get to direct, act, dance and sing in their own music video in various scenic outdoor locations. The key here is: EVERYTHING will be conceptualised by the team, from the lyrics in the song, to the acting and antics! The help of savvy facilitators, this activity makes for lots of fun, great laughs, and sense of satisfaction, especially once the final video is done. The many elements present in MTVINC are highly beneficial for youth: self-confidence, creativity, team dynamics, and so on. Above all, it’s an activity simply for a great time of bonding and fun!


7. BandINC

The next Team Music activity gives youth (or anyone of all ages, for that matter) a chance to play in their very on rock band. And no, we’re not talking about the Xbox or Wii sort (that was at point #1). We’re talking REAL instruments, REAL music and REAL players. No backing tracks or live loops. BandINC by Team Music is where youth can live out the moment that they see on screen countless times, for themselves. WIth so many aspiring musicians in this generation, BandINC is a perfect platform for drawing out hidden talent, perhaps hidden even to the individuals themselves! Besides, the concept of band dynamics is a great tool for teaching teamwork and cohesion, as different instruments in the hands of unique players meld together to create a work of art. High in energy and full of light-hearted fun (simply the way music is), BandINC is surefire activity to draw out the best group dynamics among youth.