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Team Bonding Singapore

Top 5 Out of the Ordinary Indoor Team Building Activities in Singapore

Searching for the next corporate team building activity for your team? Bored of all the usual run-of-the-mill activities? Tired of having to manage the energy of your group when the activities just don’t seem to keep them interested? Here are some team bonding activities around the island which you might not have thought of before! What’s more, they’re weatherproof – rain or shine, the show must go on!


1. I Scream for Ice Cream!

Just when you thought team building activities couldn’t get any “cooler”? Why not spend an afternoon chilling out (literally) with your colleagues after all the hustle in the office? Many ice cream chains – such as Udders, Scoopy’s & Cream and Ice Cream Chefs, just to name a few – provide ice cream making workshops where you and your colleagues can try your hand at making ice cream FOR REAL. Moreover, what better way to bond than over the sweet treats that you all worked together to create!

2. Get us out! Now!!

A good team building activity must involve not only teamwork but also some level of difficulty, mental stimulation and exhilaration. Fancy some “serious but not so serious” brainwork with your colleagues? Try out an Escape Room adventure! You and your team will need to put your heads together to solve series of puzzles in order to escape from a haunted house. Or an abandoned factory. Or a dragon’s lair. Or a prison. Or, perhaps after being together in that enclosed space for a while… from one another. Be warned however, this is a no-go for anyone with claustrophobia!

3. Pew pew pew pew!

Too much pain from PAINtball? Perhaps you could try out the painless version, also known as laser tag! But don’t be deceived, although you’ll be running around and shooting your opponents with hi-speed laser guns, this version is by no means less intense than its messy outdoor counterpart. The aiming and shooting action is in fact to a large extent more realistic due the fact that lasers travel… well, at the speed of LIGHT, and in a straight line. This in contrast to paintballs which rely merely on air pressure and are subject to wind speeds. Perhaps some might feel that the mess and the gore, I mean, goo, of paint flying everywhere and splatting everyone right in the face is instrumental in achieving the whole feel of it. The advantage of laser tag however, is that it can be conducted in a variety of indoor as well as outdoor venues, due to the fact that it won’t dirty your surroundings.

4. Office Scavenger Hunt cum Amazing Race

If your office is large enough or occupies a few storeys, this idea could just be one that’s absolutely amazing (no pun intended) for all! All you need is some clever planning, some time to prepare the space, and off you go! The great thing about an office scavenger hunt or amazing race is that the sky’s the limit in terms of possibilities and creativity. It could most definitely go beyond simply hiding a few random things under tables. The game could involve different tasks and challenges designed for your colleagues to accomplish before progressing to the next stage of the game. That’s where the room for creativity begins. One thing’s for certain: the potential of this game to foster teamwork and bonding is immense, especially if the game teams comprise members across departments. Just one precaution though: the rules of the game should be designed in order to prevent a mess in the office at the end of the day!

5. Rock Out!

Want to unearth hidden talents in your corporate team? How about turning your team into an actual rock band! Music team building activities such as BANDINC by Team Music are not only out of the ordinary, but also provide opportunities to bring out the hidden musicians among your colleagues. Perhaps you’ve had a childhood ambition to be a rock star. Perhaps you’ve always loved music but never had the chance to actually touch a real guitar or keyboard. Making music as a team not only gives such individuals in your team a chance to fulfill those dreams, but is also a great way for your team to practise working together towards a common goal in real time. All while having a smashing good time and, simply, rocking out!