team creativity


Is creativity really vital at work? Or is it all just gravy on top of the more important qualities that an employee should basically have?

You see, creativity is more than just art — painting, poetry, and the likes. Creativity is the ability to innovate, think outside the box, transcend traditional ways to create new and better ones. If you think creativity only works for artists and writers, think again. Promoting creativity in your workplace allows a conducive nest for enthusiasm and passion for work. It is in creative thinking where new ideas are born.

But first, how do you actually motivate your employees to be creative?

1. Value Each Other’s Ideas

In your team, create a culture where everyone is unafraid of throwing in ideas no matter how unconventional it may seem. It should feel like everybody’s opinion is equally valued regardless of positions held in the organisation. An environment like this boosts confidence of each individual to come up with even more brilliant ideas.

2. Promote Diversity

If you’re looking at building a team to work on a specific project, try as much as possible to include a diverse set of individuals. This may be in terms of skills, experience, personality, or even seniority. Differences allows each member to learn from the other. Don’t worry about opinions clashing. Divergency in ideas, so long as done in a civil manner, results to creative output.

3. Set Bounded Freedom

Counter-intuitive it may seem, but hear this. Sometimes, being too traditional in the way you do things hinders members from achieving their maximum productivity. As every individual has his or her own ways of accomplishing a goal, why not allow them the leeway to do their tasks in whatever they feel works best for them? Think of this, an atmosphere of freedom opens up doors for innovation. This, of course, doesn’t save them from deadlines and targets. In order to challenge their creativity, you still have to set a specific goal for them to reach.

4. Encourage Continuous Learning

In fostering an environment of creative-thinkers, you have to encourage your team to take the time, effort, and corresponding risks to learn new skills. Cliche as it may sound, but getting out of your comfort zone and trying out things you’ve never done before opens your world up to a pool of new and exciting ideas. 

5. Encourage a Collaborative Environment

Being by oneself doesn’t foster creativity. Having teammates to work around with does. It motivates constructive criticisms, enables polishing of ideas, and encourages new learning. In connection with continuous learning, why not take some time off of work to try out new activities with the whole team? Check out some unique activities around Singapore like Team Music, a one-of-a-kind music-oriented corporate team building.

So there you have it! Make sure to practice these surefire ways of fostering a culture of creativity at your workplace. Enjoy the fruits of creative juices flowing like you’ve never seen before!