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Have you ever been part of a high-performing team?

Stepping into work is a breeze. Team meetings are fun and you look forward to it. Workloads don’t feel too heavy because you have teammates to back you up in every way they can. You come to love your work not just because of its nature but more so because of the people you work around with. You are surrounded with teammates who make you want to grow, be better, and succeed.

It felt so good, didn’t it?

Have you ever been part of a poor-performing team?

You dread going to work in the morning. Pinpointing and blaming is not unusual and is actually a common scene in the office. Projects feel like a one-man show even though you are 10 members in the team. You come to hate your then-loved work because of the environment and the people around you. You are surrounded with people who are either afraid to speak up or constantly complaining.

Dreadful, wasn’t it?

This article talks about the main keys to sustaining the previous — a high-performing team. Make sure to take note of the following keys, apply them, and reap the hard-earned fruits of a high-performing team.

1. Set Ambitious Goals

Goals are meant to seem far-fetched and challenging. If it sounds to easy, it won’t motivate you to work hard and reach higher. It may not be apparent and you may not see the result immediately, but ambitious goals lead to performance improvement slowly but surely. All because it entails greater dedication and commitment from each and every one of the members of the team.

2. Clearly Define Roles and Responsibilities

Making sure that everyone knows what he or she is supposed to do avoids misunderstanding. In the same way that ensuring everybody knows exactly what everyone else in the team is accountable for avoids possible conflicts in the future. Aside from these, clarifying responsibilities fastens work processes as everybody is already aware of who should be doing what.

3. Build Trust and Comfort

This is probably one of the most crucial keys in sustaining a high-performing team. A high level of trust and comfort is but important to increase an individual’s desire to take part in achieving a team’s goal. Find time to get to know each other, in a professional and even personal level. This will pave the way for everyone to become more comfortable working around each other. Facilitate team bonding activities to foster trust and camaraderie among every one.

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4. Encourage Open and Honest Communication Habit

Create a culture where everybody is unafraid to speak his or her mind — in an honest and respectful manner. This may be about ideas, constructive criticisms, or contributions.

This also talks about keeping each other updated of personal progress at work. Taking aside at least 30 minutes off your daily schedule to keep each other up to speed in your particular tasks help the whole team track the progress of your projects as one team.

5. Encourage Continuous Improvement, Together

Motivate each member to continue developing his or her skills by learning together. Learning a new skill or gaining a new knowledge together not only helps you individually, it also strengthens your bond as one team.

Whether you’re a member or a leader, whether you found yourself saying yes to the first question, the second one, or both, these tips are definitely noteworthy in helping you become a better member and a leader, as well as creating a high-performing team out of talented individuals.