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Team Building Organising Committee: Roles and Responsibilities

Posted by Daniel Kan on February 15, 2018

Roles and Responsibilities

Corporate team buildings, especially for bigger organisations, would require more than one person to get all tasks done. In order to make sure that you will be running a successful event, asking for helping hands wouldn’t be a bad idea. As a matter of fact, delegating tasks to other people minimizes your duties and gives you more time to focus on your other tasks. At the same time, doing this is another great way to teach your staff on how to handle bigger responsibilities.

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How to Find the Perfect Team Building Venue

Posted by Daniel Kan on February 9, 2018

corporate event venue selection

The success of your corporate team building highly depends on the venue where it will be situated. If you fail to pick a good one, it is high likely that something will go wrong with your event. Imagine getting stressed out with scenarios like: Venue is unexpectedly too small to hold your participants. Or venue turns out to be incapable of providing you the equipment you need. Today, we will discuss the things that you should consider when looking for a corporate events venue in Singapore.

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Ways to Hype Up Your Employees for Team Building

Posted by Daniel Kan on February 7, 2018

hyped up employee

How often do you spot a naysayer when the topic of corporate team building activities come around? Rolling eyes are what you usually see and “It’s just a waste of time!” is what you often hear them say. There will always be at least one person in the group who doesn’t feel like team building is a good idea. The worst part is, they like influencing their colleagues with their pessimistic views.

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Unique Programs That Will Level Up Your Employees’ Skills

Posted by Daniel Kan on January 26, 2018

employee level up programs

Are you searching for unique workshops and training programs that will help you equip your employees with new sets of skills? Do you want to take your employee’s capabilities up a notch through fun and engaging activities? In this article, we will help you stay away from those monotonic seminars that will only leave your people snoozing halfway through. We’re giving you a list of the most unique skills training programs that you can find right here in Singapore.

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Fun Exercises to Impart the Benefits of Change

Posted by Daniel Kan on January 24, 2018


Band Inc. by Team Music

Change is inevitable — a phrase we hear much too often that we sometimes forget its truest essence. It’s constant, yes. And regardless of what industry or how good an organisation’s performance has been in the past, change will always be an unavoidable factor. We’ve already heard this a dozen of times before. But what do we do about it? We won’t just stop at accepting this cliche of life, won’t we? We will do something about it. Because while change is inevitable, progress is not.

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On-Site Management Tips for Running a Successful Team Building

Posted by Daniel Kan on January 21, 2018

team building preparation tips

No event is ever perfect, but there are certain ways to make it as seamless as it can possibly be. After years of being in the field of corporate events in Singapore, we’ve managed to collect several learning experiences that we would like to share with you. We swear by the effectiveness of these tips and hope that it’d be helpful to you too in running a successful on-the-day team building event.

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5 Employee Investments You Should Start Making This 2018

Posted by Daniel Kan on January 20, 2018

employees investment

A smart leader knows that investing in human capital is a surefire way to an organisation’s sustainable success.

The fact is that establishing a happy and contented workforce reduces the likelihood of turnover and increases the opportunity for growth and efficiency. So whether you’re leading a small team or a huge corporation, give your best effort to invest in your workforce.

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5 Ways to Foster Creativity in Your Workplace

Posted by Daniel Kan on January 19, 2018

creative workplace

Is creativity really vital at work? Or is it all just gravy on top of the more important qualities that an employee should basically have?

You see, creativity is more than just art — painting, poetry, and the likes. Creativity is the ability to innovate, think outside the box, transcend traditional ways to create new and better ones. If you think creativity only works for artists and writers, think again. Promoting creativity in your workplace allows a conducive nest for enthusiasm and passion for work. It is in creative thinking where new ideas are born.

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Sentosa as a Venue for Corporate Team Building Activities

Posted by Reuel Kong on January 16, 2018

Sentosa as a Venue for Corporate Events

One of the foremost considerations of any corporate event organiser is the venue for your team building activity. Indoor or outdoor? How big (or small) is it? What are the available facilities there? There’s a myriad of factors to consider, but the bottom line is: what will it allow us to do there? Team Music had a great time running a some of our corporate team building activities in Sentosa, and we found that there were some pretty cool perks about having Sentosa team building activities or simply using the island paradise as a venue for corporate events.

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Posted by Daniel Kan on January 12, 2018


Have you ever been part of a high-performing team?

Stepping into work is a breeze. Team meetings are fun and you look forward to it. Workloads don’t feel too heavy because you have teammates to back you up in every way they can. You come to love your work not just because of its nature but more so because of the people you work around with. You are surrounded with teammates who make you want to grow, be better, and succeed.

It felt so good, didn’t it?

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