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Music, One of the Best Tools for Team Building & Team Bonding

Posted by Reuel Kong on November 28, 2017

Searching for the next corporate team building activity for your team of colleagues? Already tried your hand at all the run-of-the-mill activities out there? Already bruised (or been bruised by) your colleagues with a few hundred paintballs? Or have you memorised the entire history of that colleague’s love life after being stuck next to him during that loooong arduous hiking trip?

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7 Benefits of  Corporate Team Building

Posted by Eugene Tan on October 15, 2017

The term ‘Team-building’ is a highly popular keyword among corporate organisations. Over the years, businesses have strategically steered away from competitive work environments to workplaces where collaboration and cooperation between fellow co-workers are seen as key to success. Working well together is one of the most essential elements for maintaining a successful and efficient company, but more often than not, this isn’t something that happens naturally. As with all working relationships, you need to get to know your colleagues and learn how to work well together.

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How To Entertain Audience With The Help Of Music At Corporate Events and Meetings Abroad

Posted by Zi Jie on October 15, 2017

Be it at parties, events or even Corporate Dinner and Dance, the most unwanted scenario would definitely be a bunch of restless, unoccupied and bored guest! And the only solution is to constantly keep them engaged and entertained; always making sure their attention is constantly focused on something fascinating rather than staring into space and finding things to keep themselves awake. Celebrating Dinner & Dance really hypes and accentuates up the great importance of team building.  

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7 Reasons Why You Should Organize a Corporate Event Overseas

Posted by Tetiana Hanchar on October 11, 2017

“Wow” corporate events leave lasting memories with company members and fuel engagement. By organizing an overseas meeting for corporate teams, businesses provide the chance for employees to reflect on their experiences in new environments, encourage intercultural growth, and strengthen team interaction.

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Top 10 Team Building Companies in Singapore

Posted by Daniel Kan on October 11, 2017

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Team Building Quotable Quotes

Posted by Reuel Kong on October 10, 2017

If you’re reading this, you probably know how important TEAMWORK is already. You probably already work in a team with others like yourself. But we all know it’s much easier said than done isn’t it? If you’ve been in some form of a team, you’d know that “Teamwork” isn’t just a word which sounds good and feels good. When it comes down to the crunch, there are so many facets of teamwork which make it work… or not. 

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Keeping it in-house vs Engaging a team building specialist/vendor

Posted by Reuel Kong on October 2, 2017


Planning a corporate team-building session for your organisation? The first question that you’ll need to answer is: to plan it in-house, or just leave it to the experts (an external vendor)? We’ve done some of the homework for you and have listed here some of the yays as well as the nays on either side of the coin.

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Top 5 Team Building Activities in Hong Kong

Posted by Daniel Kan on September 21, 2017

With Hong Kong being one of the leading two financial hubs in Asia, coupled with the rapidity of globalization, corporations and organizations are growing at an alarming rate. It is not a rarity where the number of employees within a company can sky rocket over a short period of time. Not only that, these corporations now comprised of employees of varying nationalities. With this phenomena at hand, the necessity for team building has become one of paramount importance. It is quintessential that these employees get to know one another out of the work place in order for better team chemistry and camaraderie. Therefore, this blog post seeks to bring into light five of (not in any particular order) Hong Kong’s most sought after and popular team building activities!

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Enriching Team Music Lessons @ Scape Orchard

Posted by Daniel Kan on September 12, 2017


Quarter notes, eighth notes, sharps, flats, G chord, C chord, F# minor7 chord, strumming patterns……

Learning music can be a daunting task -  there is just SO MUCH content to absorb! There are so many ways to learn it these days, and an even greater number of ways to teach it.

As music coaches, it’s important for us to step back, take an honest look at our programs, and ask ourselves one question: What are we REALLY delivering to our students?

The Team Music team put our heads together and distilled the key (no pun intended) ways in which our music lessons are ENRICHING to our students.

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Problem-Solving Strategies as a Team that might lead to a Breakthrough Moment!

Posted by Daniel Kan on September 5, 2017


Your Task: Design an interesting task or problem for your team to solve together.

Honestly, it doesn't have to be a work related goal because it might sometimes take the fun of this creative exercise. Try achieving big tasks like creating a professional music video in 4 hours, what usually takes 2 full days. Such big corporate teambuilding events are great opportunities for the entire team to hit a high in morale, when they achieve 'miracles' together, in a shorter than expected time. 

“Struggle and insight go together,” says David Perkins, research professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. “You are not likely to achieve an insight, unless you’ve struggled with the problem intensely. Breakthrough thinking is usually preceded by a lot of dead ends and bad ideas. “If you look historically at breakthroughs, the story is never just about the key insight. It’s also about what led up to it and what followed it,” says Perkins. “Typically that involves a lot of work.”

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