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Please read these Team Music (TM) policies. These policies serve as a guideline and are subject to change without prior notice. The School will notify you of amendments to these policies by Email, WhatsApp and/or SMS which you have provided for use during your lessons with TM.



All terms and lesson dates shall follow the Team Music Academic Calendar.

There are four (4) terms in a year, each lasting approximately three (3) months (10 to 11 lessons per term).

No lessons are conducted on Sundays, Public Holidays and TM Holidays unless otherwise stated in the Team Music Academic Calendar.


Course Fees

For first-time sign-up by new students, course fees are charged at S$385 for 10 lessons. This is calculated at S$38.50 per lesson.

For subsequent sign-up by existing students, course fees are charged based on the number of lessons in the subsequent term.

If a student finishes his/her first-time sign-up of 10 lessons in the middle of a term, the course fee for subsequent lessons will be pro-rated based on the number of lessons remaining to the end of the term. If there are 3 or less lessons remaining in the term before the start of a new term, course fee will be charged for these lessons together with those in the new term.  


Payment Method

Course fee is to be paid via online payment as determined by the School.

If a student is a Singapore Citizen of age 25 years and above, he/she may choose to pay the course fee via SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) of up to S$350 and the balance amount via online payment.

The School Admin will advise on the payment method.


Payment Due Date

Course fee is due one (1) week before the course start date and/or as stipulated in the invoice.

If the course fee is not received by the School by the stipulated due date, lesson time slot may be released to another student who has made the payment.


Late Payment

A course fee payment is considered late if it is not received by the first (1st) lesson of the term or period of the course. In this case, the student will automatically be charged a late payment fee of S$30 and an invoice will be emailed to him/her. The late payment fee has to be paid within one (1) week from the date of the invoice.

Make-up Lessons

It is compulsory for all students to attend all lessons in each term. Students should commit to attend their lessons at the agreed time slot allocated to them upon enrolment.

A student is allowed to reschedule only a maximum of two (2) lessons per term subject to the approval of the School. This is not a privilege but to solely cater for unforeseen circumstances on the student’s side.

If a student must reschedule a lesson, he/she must notify the School Admin by SMS, WhatsApp or call at least 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, he/she will forfeit the lesson and will not be eligible for a make-up lesson nor refund.

Make-up lessons are non-transferable and must be completed by the end of each term or first 2 weeks of the new term. There will be no refunds for unused lessons.

A make-up lesson is arranged according to the School’s arrangement. Make-up lessons are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

A make-up lesson cannot be rescheduled. It is considered forfeited if the student cancels or misses the lesson.

Same day cancellations, no-shows and students who are late for their lessons for any reasons given will not be eligible for a make-up lesson nor lesson extension. Lessons will be charged accordingly.

There are no refunds for unused, cancelled or forfeited lessons.

Lesson(s) cancelled by the teacher will be made-up and arranged accordingly to the School’s make-up methods. If a Coach must cancel a lesson, the student will be notified by SMS, WhatsApp or call.



Lesson missed due to illness is considered a make-up lesson. The make-up lesson is subject to availability and is not guaranteed.

If a student must miss a lesson, he/she must notify the School Admin by SMS, WhatsApp or call at least 24 hours in advance or produce a doctor’s medical certificate to justify the absence. Only one (1) medical certificate may be utilized for one (1) make-up lesson per term.



A one (1) month notice from the last lesson is required to withdraw from the course. Please notify the School Admin by SMS, WhatsApp or Email. (For example, if a student wishes to withdraw from the course after his/her last lesson on 28 March, he/she shall serve the notice on/before 28 February.)



Students have to be punctual for lessons. All lessons are back-to-back. There will not be lesson extension should a student turns up late for his/her lesson.

Students are expected to be committed and take ownership of their learning. They should attend all classes scheduled for them and work together with the Coaches.

Students who are unable to commit to the demands of our lessons are strongly advised to re-evaluate their schedule before continuing their learning with Team Music.