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#1 Challenge



Sports teams have emerged from devastating defeat to winning championships. Israel as a national identity, has regained its land after 2,000 years scattered around the world. Soviet Union turned from communism to socialism. Polio has been conquered and many forms of cancer controlled. All these point to one truth – compelling challenges are God-given opportunities for greater breakthroughs.

If people feel that their mission and challenging and important, they will pursue it with determination and creativity. If a goal is a real stretch, the only way to overcome it is to produce a breakthrough. The tougher the challenge, the bigger the breakthrough. The more captivating the challenge, the greater the commitment to achieving the breakthrough. Achieving breakthroughs is a whole lot like a fascinating journey. If you make the destination challenging and exciting, people will do incredible things to get there.

So Give Challenging Tasks. People can’t grow if they are constantly doing what they have always done. Let them develop new skills by giving challenging tasks. At the same time make sure the tasks are reachable and in the frames of the person’s interests.

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