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#3 Camaraderie

Great bands share great camaraderie.

Often overlooked, camaraderie between a group of people is the most noticeable hallmark of a great team. Merriam-Webster defines camaraderie as, “a feeling of good friendship among the people in a group.” I have seen this feeling cultivated and transformed into an extremely powerful, positive energy that leads to major breakthrough accomplishments.

When all players are on the same page, giving maximum effort, teams can enter into a new stage of confidence and maturity. Truly dynamic teams will see dramatic increases in output through the long-lasting respect, admiration, friendship and loyalty earned from shared experiences.

Great teams enjoy great camaraderie, in a climate of respect and trust, that great leaders first establish. And for that to happen, you first need to nurture new relationships with new colleagues and renew bonds with old colleagues. Much of this is established by a great team leader such that team mates can be open and candid and yet forthcoming with their ideas, take chances, speak honestly in a way that’s received as earnest and respectful.

“Don’t take your culture for granted. There needs to be a constant renewal of values that lead to camaraderie.” — Coach K