Join us as a Music Performer

We are looking for humble and talented Music Performers who have a great learning and work attitude. 

We aim to be the best music corporate teambuilding company, here in Singapore. One of our services would be to provide great music acts for corporate events, dinner and dances, wedding parties, birthday parties, children parties and more.  

Please fill up the form below and we will follow up with you asap. 


Work Requirement

1) Punctuality

2) Have a wide repertoire in various musical styles

3) Maintain a humble attitude at all times. 


Skills Requirement

1) Able to progressively develop artistic capabilities.

2) Able to setup and utilise music technology.

3) Able to connect with audience and potential clients through social media.

4) Able to pursue lifelong educational learning

5) Able to manage emotions and acquire emotional intelligence

6) Able to apply best practices for physical care and health

7) Able to manage finances for career sustainability