How many have you met?

Just when you thought you’d seen it all. Corporate teambuilding activities are always a great time for us to discover a side of our colleagues that we’ve never seen before – or never even knew existed. Teambuilding or group activities are a great way to help team members understand one another as individuals beyond the daily grind – hence their importance. Here are 5 types of colleagues that you may “meet” at your next teambuilding session.

1. The Goody-Two-Shoes

Here’s the colleague whom everyone loves to have during a teambuilding activity. He’s enthusiastic and participates actively in the activity. If the activity is something new with a learning curve involved – like playing a musical instrument for example – he’s willing to learn, and genuine enjoys it! His enthusiasm rubs off onto those around him, contributing to a fun environment for everyone.

2. The Leader

Just like the Goody-Two-Shoes, here’s another very important individual to have in your teambuilding session. She’s the one who goes “COME ON GUYS! Let’s do this!” and then proceeds to break the task at hand down into steps, telling every lost sheep in team what to do. Some may find her bossy, but secretly, everyone’s thankful for The Leader. The great thing is, it’s teambuilding day and this role doesn’t necessarily need to be filled by the leader at work. It’s a great opportunity for those with hidden leadership abilities to shine, especially if it’s a new activity for everyone and the playing field is level.

3. The Slacker

Well, we all know this one. This individual would rather. be. elsewhere. Like, seriously… “But well, since I’m stuck here, I might as well make the…… least of it.” He then employs the “polite smile” and proceeds to use as much eye power as possible for the rest of the session, “graciously” giving up his chances to win those prizes to his beloved colleagues.

4. The Nutcase

Here’s the one whom everyone loves to watch and brings a whole load of fun to the group. She’s the one who sings the loudest and does her hair-swinging dance during karaoke. He’s the one who acts like an an absolute lunatic in front of the camera. In whatever shape or size, The Nutcase is the live wire of the party and is great to have around during teambuilding sessions to add that extra 20% of energy.

5. The Busybee

If there’s anyone who really needs to take the day off and enjoy the activity, it’s The Busybee. The Busybee tries very hard to get immersed in the activity and bond with everyone but… he just has to take that call. Or answer that urgent email. Or two. Or three. Even worse if the teambuilding session is held in-house. As much as The Busybee tries, he’ll still end up spending a good half of the day back at his desk.