#5 Commitment


Great bands stay committed.

Camaraderie sets the right tone for great teams to display commitment to greater excellence.

Great teams love and care for each other like family. In the context of good healthy camaraderie, Great Teams are willing to spar it out. About ideas. About direction. About strategy. And the best ideas win. Trust is crucial. And everyone on the team trusts each other enough to fight for their ideas, and argue, and debate. Great teams are competitive, but equally committed to collaborate.

Great teams are committed to a strong standard of excellence always. Great teams set amazingly high standards and goals. When there’s a problem, great teams nip it in the bud and fix it. And they aren’t wiling to settle for second best. They never coast. And are always great at the little things, which makes them great at the big things.

High-performing teams have a wonderful ability to transform conflict into harmony.

“Is everyone on the same page? Are we all committed to this goal together?” are the questions that great teams ask themselves. Great teams know how to set aside individual goals for the benefit of the team. They know the way to win is to do what’s best for you, while what’s best for the team.