employees investment

A smart leader knows that investing in human capital is a surefire way to an organisation’s sustainable success.

The fact is that establishing a happy and contented workforce reduces the likelihood of turnover and increases the opportunity for growth and efficiency. So whether you’re leading a small team or a huge corporation, give your best effort to invest in your workforce.

Below, we’ve come up with a guide to the most effective employee management practices, which you can use to develop your own HR strategies.

1. Right Tools for Work

You won’t hire a carpenter to build a house without giving him hammer right? Or a chef to cook a meal without lending him a pan? It’s either he would be really inefficient in accomplishing his task or he wouldn’t be able to carry it out at all. Don’t expect your people to win their battles without equipping them with necessary weapons. Be it equipment, softwares, or systems, having the right tools can help your employees become more productive everyday.

2. Incentives and rewards

Incentivising is not just a good way to encourage people to reach their goals, but a great way also to let them know that you value a job well done. Being recognised increases the morale and job satisfaction of employees, which is a good thing for your organisation. It don’t always have to be in monetary form. You can acknowledge them with a simple but meaningful token, or take them out on a good talk while having lunch. Make time to develop meaningful incentive programs to foster an environment of positive and motivated people.

3. Professional Development

The thing with most of employers is that they fear that when they invest too much on an employee’s professional development, this person will become more valuable in the marketplace and have the confidence to jump ship elsewhere. Well, it’s certainly not always the case — especially if you make sure you take note of tip #2. Investing on your people’s professional growth benefits the employee and the organisation equally. Try sending them off to seminars, conferences, courses, and the like. Every knowledge, every improvement will transcend with their performance moving forward.

4. Wellness Program

Develop corporate health and wellness programs. Investing on employee wellness program pays off because as we know it, our people are our company’s best asset. Look for ways to decrease employee stress and improve their physical & physiological health — advocate proper eating, do something active and fun at work, etc. Make an effort to help your employees keep their bodies at the pink of health to create a happy, healthy team of productive individuals.

5. Team Buildings

Effective team building results to a more engaged employees, which is highly beneficial for your company’s culture. Also, you can expect a renewed sense of enthusiasm for work from your team. If you plan to do it, why not try out a unique, musical-themed team building here at Team Music? It’s a one-of-kind team bonding that will surely bring out the fun side of every member of your organisation. 

Notice that will all of these employee investment tips, you really need not spend lavishly. Most of these won’t cost you that much to start working on human capital development. The important part here is that you start taking small steps in coming up with an employee investment strategy that will keep your team engaged and growing.